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Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Global Edition may not launch until October

Since its release in April 2023, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has been making waves in the Chinese market. The global edition of this popular fitness tracker, however, has yet to hit the international market, leaving many potential buyers in limbo. A major Polish distributor has now announced that deliveries of global version will start on October 3rd.

The Chinese Edition’s success

The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has been a huge success in China with millions of units sold since its release. This impressive figure demonstrates Xiaomi’s ability to provide high-quality, feature-rich wearables at a reasonable price. The device, which costs just under $50, has a slew of features found in more expensive competitors, making it a compelling choice for consumers. It is no wonder the Mi Band range has developed a loyal following over the years.

The Global Edition: A game of waiting

Historically, the gap between the release of the Chinese and Global editions of the Mi Band has been around three months. That was the case last year. However, the Mi Band 8 seems to be breaking this trend, with the global edition yet to be released as of July 2023.

This has sparked speculation. Some believe that the overwhelming success of the Chinese edition is contributing to the wait. And that Xiaomi is prioritising domestic demand. That is certainly plausible.

The other possible explanation could have something to do with Huami. That outfit was previously responsible for manufacturing the Mi Band. Now, this has shifted back to Xiaomi.

So far there have been no hints as to when a Global Edition of the vanilla or Pro version of Mi Band 8 might launch. But now a major Polish distributor called X-Kom has provided us with a clue. According to their website, deliveries of the global version will start on October 3rd.

Make what you will of that information. The retailer is reputable but there could always be a chance other countries may get an earlier release date.

The one thing we are certain of is that these editions will launch before the all-important holiday shopping period. This begins in the second half of November. It would not make any sense to delay the launch any further.

Why wait for the Global Edition?

While the Chinese editions of the Mi Band 8 and Pro are currently available through various international retail outlets, the global editions are worth waiting for. Here are a few reasons why:

Compatibility of languages and software

The global edition’s most significant advantage is its software compatibility. It includes firmware that supports multiple languages, making it easier to use for non-Chinese speakers. The Chinese edition, on the other hand, primarily supports Mandarin (and English to an extent), which will pose a language barrier for international users.

Customised features and services

The global edition is intended for international users. This means that it frequently includes features and services designed to meet the needs and preferences of users outside of China. It, for example, may provide better integration with popular international apps and services, resulting in a more seamless user experience.

Customer service and warranty

Buying the global edition also ensures that you can take advantage of Xiaomi’s international customer support and warranty services. If you have any problems with your device, you can contact Xiaomi’s customer service for help. Support for the Chinese edition, on the other hand, may be more difficult to obtain if you live outside of China.

Compliance with regulations

The global edition is intended to comply with the rules and regulations of various international markets. This means that it satisfies their safety, health, and environmental standards. The Chinese edition, on the other hand, is primarily intended to comply with Chinese regulations, which may differ from international standards.

Compatibility with networks

While this is less of a problem with a fitness tracker like the Mi Band, some devices may have network compatibility issues if purchased outside of their intended market. The global edition ensures that all of its features and services function properly regardless of where you are.

Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7: A quick comparison

The Mi Band 8 continues the legacy of its predecessor, the Mi Band 7, but with some notable improvements. With a 1.62-inch OLED display and a sleek, fitness-focused design, both models have a similar design aesthetic. However, the Mi Band 8 boasts a maximum brightness of 600 nits, an improvement over the Mi Band 7’s 450 nits.

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The Mi Band 8 also has a two-piece detachable band, which allows for more customization and versatility. This new design feature is a significant improvement over the Mi Band 7’s single-piece strap.

The Mi Band 8 supports 150 sports modes, which is 30 more than the Mi Band 7. It also has slightly longer battery life, making it an even more dependable fitness companion.

The Pro edition also comes with some notable upgrades. The main one is the larger display.

Making the decision

The Mi Band 8 and the Pro version of the same promise to deliver a feature-rich, affordable, and customisable fitness tracking experience. While the delay in the global release might be frustrating for some, the wait is likely to be worth it. This is due to the benefits it offers in terms of language and software compatibility, tailored features, customer support, regulatory compliance, and network compatibility.

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4 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Global Edition may not launch until October

  • Will mi band 8 Pro be released as well?

    • Probably not.

  • J’ai la 8 et je suis beaucoup déçu de son logiciel obligatoire sur le téléphone qui manque cruellement de fonctionnalités… L’ancien beaucoup mieux zipp life.
    La synchronisation avec le téléphone fonctionne pas tous Les jours et c’est handicapant quand on veut un historique de données. J’ai du passé mon téléphone en langue english pour pouvoir utiliser ma montre sinon vu que je ne parle pas le chinois je ne peux rien faire.
    Je suis super déçu.

    • Tel en français, dire qu’on habite en chine et c’est tout. Langue du bracelet en anglais. Il marche tres bien depuis la màj de mi-aout car effectivement il ne se synchronisait pas seul à l’application sans qu’il ne faille l’ouvrir chaque soir. La sortie de la version globale permettra de réutiliser zepp life, je suis d’accord l’appli chinoise n’est pas tres fournie.
      Le bracelet a une super autonomie (3 semaines pour 1h de charge) et les mesures sont precises


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