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Zepp Health’s unexpected pivot: From smartwatches to smart hearing aids

In a surprising turn of events, Zepp Health Clarity Pixie is not a pair of headphones as initially speculated, but a state-of-the-art smart hearing aid.

We wrote a few months ago about a device we spotted on the FCC website – Zepp Clarity Pixie. It appeared as it would be another addition to Zepp’s innovative earphone range, which includes the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro and ZenBuds. These earphones were lauded for their unique health and wellness features, such as heart rate and posture monitoring. However, Zepp Health has surprised us all. The Zepp Clarity Pixie is not a pair of headphones but a smart hearing aid.

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The company has been primarily focused on smartwatches and fitness trackers. Its pivot to hearing aids marks a significant shift in its product portfolio. One could speculate that this move is an attempt to diversify and tap into the growing market for health technology solutions that are not wrist-worn. The ear’s unique physiology makes it an excellent site for health monitoring, offering a new frontier for Zepp Health to explore.

Zepp Clarity Pixie: Not just another earphone

The Zepp Clarity Pixie is an advanced hearing aid priced at $1,199. It’s ultra-compact, weighing just 1.1g per bud, and comes with a breathable medical-grade silicone dome. The device is IP-X7 waterproof and offers a 2-year warranty. It also boasts a 17-hour built-in rechargeable battery, with an additional two weeks of power through its wireless charging case.

Zepp Clarity Pixie

The device offers multi-scenario modes, including “Clarity Boost” for clear voice comprehension and ambient noise cancellation. It’s fully customizable, allowing users to switch between profiles without removing the hearing aid. The gizmo also integrates seamlessly with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, offering smart call notifications directly from the hearing aids.

Zepp Clarity Pixie

Future prospects

Introduced in 2022, the FDA’s Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act has made hearing aids more accessible and affordable. This could be a strategic move for Zepp Health, who may be looking to position themselves at the forefront of the OTC smart hearing aid market.

The FDA estimates that the regulatory changes could lower the average costs of hearing aids by as much as $3,000 per pair, offering significant financial relief to users. The cost reduction is achieved by eliminating the need for a prescription, exam, or audiologist fitting. This regulaton allows adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to purchase hearing aids directly in stores or online, thereby increasing accessibility and reducing overall costs.

Zepp Health is already one of the global leaders in smart wearables. The introduction of the Zepp Clarity Pixie could be a stepping stone to an integrated wellness health technology solution, connecting hearing aids to Amazfit smartwatches via Zepp OS.

The company’s foray into the smart hearing aid market with the Zepp Clarity Pixie is a surprising but strategic move. It not only diversifies their product range but also taps into a growing market, fueled by regulatory changes and technological advancements. Only time will tell how this pivot will impact Zepp Health’s position in the competitive landscape of health technology.

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