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Unveiling the Stryd Duo: Bridging the gap between left & right

The Stryd Duo is the latest offering from Stryd, aiming to provide runners with a dual-sided breakdown of their running form. Instead of a single-sided power meter, the system directly captures metrics from both feet.

We reviewed the original Stryd a number of years back and praised it for its versatility and depth. Unlike other running pods that quickly become redundant, Stryd offers a wealth of actionable, visually appealing data that can genuinely enhance training. We also liked the single power metric for real-time run gauging and the Stryd team’s ongoing commitment to feature development and user education.

Since our original review, the device has been further improved, both in terms of hardware and software. However, Stryd does come with a premium price tag, so is best suited for those serious about their running performance. Particularly now when you have other options which capture similar metrics such as Garmin and Apple watches.

What’s new with Stryd Duo?

The Duo aims to provide high-resolution 3D bilateral movement tracking for each run, allowing runners to monitor various metrics like fatigue levels, performance, and even the impact of their footwear. Basically, its two Next Gen Stryds that work together.

All of this plays nice with the Footpath tool. As shown in the screenshots below, the visualisations of the tracks of your feet offer an innovative way to understand your running form, be it training or racing.

The Stryd Duo offers a range of metrics from both feet including Ground Contact Time Balance, Vertical Ratio, Vertical Oscillation Balance, Leg Spring Stiffness Balance, and Impact Loading Rate Balance. This data aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of your running form and performance. The system also allows existing Next Gen Stryd users to simply add a second pod to create their own Stryd Duo, making it somewhat accessible (and cheaper) for those already comitted to the ecosystem.

Community reactions

While the Stryd Duo and Footpath offer intriguing possibilities, they’ve garnered mixed reactions on Reddit. Some see it as a clever way to boost sales without adding substantial value. Others question the practical utility of such detailed metrics, citing the already high cost of a single Stryd pod. There’s also a call for a cheaper ‘Stryd Lite’ that pairs with the Next Gen for these new metrics.

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The Stryd Duo and Footpath certainly offer a very advanced layer of data for runners, but the question remains: is it necessary? The high cost of entry, especially for those new to the Stryd ecosystem, could be a significant barrier. Moreover, the practical utility of such detailed metrics is still up for debate. Some may find the new features beneficial for fine-tuning their training or those who are recovering from injury. Others might see it as an overcomplication of what should be a simple activity – running.

A single Next Gen Stryd costs $249 on the manufacturer’s website. With (a commitment of at least) 6 month membership at $9.99 it falls to $149. Stryd Duo will set you back $299. It is also worth pointing out that accessing Footpath visualisations requires membership. Beyond that the data is free with a purchase of one or two pods.

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