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Amazfit Cheetah Series update introduces power metric for runners

A firmware update that is rolling out now for the Amazfit Cheetah Series brings a new feature for runners – the Power metric. This promises to fine-tune energy output during runs, and offers an alternative to heart-rate zone training.

The Amazfit Cheetah series, since its first launch in June 2023, has carved a niche for itself with its blend of stylish design and robust fitness tracking capabilities. The series began with the sleek Cheetah Round, a device lauded for its precision biometrics and extensive battery life, appealing to both casual joggers and serious marathoners alike. Its successor, the Cheetah Square, landed in August 2023. It retains the core features while innovating with a square face design, offering a fresh aesthetic and an expanded screen real estate that enhances user interaction.

Running power from the wrist

At the heart of the latest firmware update is the introduction of the Power metric. This is a sophisticated tool that measures the amount of effort a runner is exerting at any moment. Unlike traditional metrics like pace and heart rate, the Power metric offers real-time feedback on energy output, allowing runners to adjust their intensity on-the-fly to maintain optimal performance throughout their training or race.

This is particularly useful for managing efforts across varying terrains and elevations, where pace may not accurately reflect the actual exertion level. Runners can now pace themselves more effectively, conserving energy during easier segments and pushing harder when it counts the most.

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Users are able to see the metric on the watch-face itself, as mentioned, in real-time. Post run, they can view the average power and a chart showing how the metric has changed during the exercise session.

Previously only available with running accessories such as foot pods and chest strap, running power from the wrist has become a staple of many watches. On this list are Garmin devices, the Apple Watch and more. Now the Amazfit Cheetah series has joined them.

Focus on precision and personalisation

But users can look forward to other improvements, as well. The change-log of the highlights from the update reveal a focus on precision and personalisation.

The accuracy of time data to 0.01 seconds and the eradication of auto-pause errors in Trail Running mode show a commitment to the minutiae that can make or break a training session. Additionally, the option to apply training templates and internal training plans to Track Run mode demonstrates a deeper customization for runners’ training regimes.

The update also addresses quality-of-life improvements, such as the toggle for headphone auto-reconnection—allowing for seamless musical accompaniment or conserving battery life when needed. And there’s a fix for the previously silent Cadence Assistant, ensuring auditory feedback is available for cadence tracking during workouts.

Final thoughts

The addition of the power metric to the Cheetah series is a natural fit. With dual-band satellite technology, AI coaching and advanced performance metrics – this is a timepiece designed for runners. Having said that, it will be interesting to see if other watches get the feature. Presumably, the sensor technology across various Amazfit timepieces is not too different – so other watches should have the capability to capture this type of data.

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