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Amazfit Balance gets real-time performance alerts & post-workout tracking

A new Amazfit Balance firmware update brings some useful functionality for those serious about their running pursuits. This includes real-time performance alerts, heart rate recovery tracking, additional running plans and more.

Introduced in September, the Amazfit Balance is essentially an extension of the GTR range. Think of it as the GTR 5 as Zepp Health seems to have changed its naming convention. The device has a sleek design, robust health and fitness tracking capabilities, and excellent battery life.

Real-Time Alerts, Training Templates, and Advanced Metrics

This new firmware update has started rolling out today. It introduces several noteworthy enhancements to Amazfit Balance.

Notably, it brings real-time performance alerts for runners, a feature first seen in the Amazfit Cheetah range. This provides users with instant feedback on their performance, something akin to what Garmin sports watches do. Such alerts can help users adjust their pace and effort on the fly, optimising their performance on the track.

Zepp Health firmware update
Real-time performance updates

Another useful addition is the 3-minute post-workout heart rate tracking. This function allows the watch to continue monitoring the user’s heart rate after a workout session ends. The importance of this feature lies in its ability to give users a clearer understanding of their heart’s recovery rate, an essential aspect of cardiovascular health. As you’ve probably guessed – a quicker return to resting heart rate post-exercise is often indicative of better cardiovascular fitness.

Apart from these updates, the new software expands the capabilities of the Zepp Coach by adding personalised running plans for 3KM races, complementing the existing plans for 5KM and 10KM races. This makes the watch more versatile for runners of various levels and goals.

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There’s also the addition of Training Templates support. Users can now customise their workouts in the Zepp App and sync these plans directly to their watch, adding a layer of personalisation to their training regimen.

Other improvements

Beyond this, the update brings some specific sports modes improvements. For instance, performance data from Swimming and Jumping Rope modes are now recorded. This helps users track their progress in these activities more effectively. Furthermore, cyclists can now connect their Amazfit Balance to cycling power meters via Bluetooth, enhancing the watch’s utility in cycling training.

There are also improvements aimed at general usability and health monitoring. The Readiness score has been refined for more accurate reflections of the user’s physical state. The Body Composition measurement results are now more precise, aiding users in their health and fitness journey. Additionally, the Battery Saver Mode has been optimized to disengage automatically when the watch’s battery reaches 95% charge, ensuring the device is always ready for use.

Lastly, for European users, accessing Zepp Pay has been made more convenient with a quick-start function activated by double-pressing the crown. This feature adds to the watch’s appeal as a smart payment solution.

All in all, this sounds like a pretty nice update. Zepp Health seems to be upping its game and it is good to see the company rolling out useful firmware updates across much its range.

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