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TicWatch Pro 3 & Ultra LTE: On the brink of Wear OS 3 update

Mobvoi’s initiative to invite users to beta test Wear OS 3 on the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and Ultra LTE models is a noteworthy development. It signals that these devices are likely the next candidates for the major operating system upgrade. A limited number of watch owners can sign-up to join in the fun.

Focused Beta Testing: Paving the Way for Wear OS 3 on TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and Ultra LTE

The beta testing phase of Wear OS 3 on the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and Ultra LTE is an important step in Mobvoi’s development process. This approach allows for thorough testing and refinement of the software in a real-world environment. It ensures that any potential issues are identified and addressed before a wider release. The involvement of actual users at this time is crucial, as it provides Mobvoi with direct feedback on the software’s performance and usability on these specific models.

To register for the Wear OS 3 Beta upgrade on the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and Ultra LTE, interested users need to visit the dedicated registration page set up for this purpose. Here, they will find a questionnaire designed to gather essential information from potential beta testers.

It is important to fill out this questionnaire accurately, providing details about the device model and user experience. Although not mandatory, it is beneficial if participants have eSIM activation experience. Mobvoi says this is a key area of interest in the beta testing.

Once the form is submitted, Mobvoi aims to push the update to selected participants within 24 hours. However, it’s important to note that there’s a limit to the number of participants – typically around 200. Which means prompt registration is advisable to secure a spot in the beta program.

Mobvoi wearOS 3 update
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Contextualising the Update: TicWatch E3’s recent upgrade

The rollout of Wear OS 3 to TicWatch E3 to Wear OS 3 earlier this month provides context to Mobvoi’s broader update strategy. The plan was for this to finish by January 25, so users of this watch should have received the new operating system by now. The rollout also offers insights into the potential improvements and enhancements that the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and Ultra LTE users can expect once they receive the Wear OS 3 update.

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As part of this upgrade, users can expect a more intuitive user interface, improved performance, and potentially new health and fitness tracking features. The software is likely to enhance the overall user experience, making the watches more efficient and user-friendly.

The anticipation for the Wear OS 3 update among Mobvoi watch users has been palpable, with a growing demand for these enhancements over time. Mobvoi’s move to invite users to beta test this update indicates that the wait for TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and Ultra LTE may soon be over.

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