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Upgrade time! Smart ways to repurpose your old Garmin watch

Upgraded your Garmin? Don’t toss the old one! Discover ways to donate, sell, gift, or repurpose your watch for a good cause or extra cash.

Garmin watches are a staple in the fitness world, known for their accuracy, durability, and array of features. However, with Garmin’s relentless innovation, it’s easy to find yourself drawn towards the latest and greatest models. But before you toss your well-worn Garmin aside, consider all the options you have to give it a meaningful second life.

The allure of upgrading

While Garmin watches are built to last, the allure of upgraded technology is undeniable. Garmin consistently rolls out improvements in heart-rate sensors, GPS accuracy, battery life, and a whole host of new features and analysis metrics. Even if your old Garmin is still in excellent working condition you might consider a shiny new model.

Typically, the company upgrades its watches every two years or so. There may be interim versions in the meantime. We just saw the release of Forerunner 165, and going forward Instinct 3 and Fenix 8 might be on the cards in the months ahead.

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Garmin’s commitment to innovation is a double-edged sword; while it offers users the latest in wearable tech, it also means that even the most robust Garmin watches may seem outdated after a few years. The primary concern with aging technology isn’t necessarily a decline in performance but a noticeable degradation in battery life, prompting users to consider an upgrade.

This may leave you with an extra watch that is in pretty good working order. So what should you do with it?

What to do with your old Garmin watch

Donate to a good cause

Donating your pre-loved Garmin is a fantastic way to pay it forward. Programs like Girls on the Run, or initiatives in your area that empower young athletes, could greatly benefit from your device.

This is one of the most fulfilling options for your old Garmin. These initiatives often seek functional fitness trackers to support their mission of promoting health and confidence among young people. Donating your watch can have a significant impact on someone’s life, providing them with a tool to foster a love for fitness and well-being.

Resell and recoup some costs

If your old Garmin watch is still in good condition and you want to offset the cost of your upgrade, consider selling your old device. With a little care and thorough cleaning, used Garmins can still fetch a decent price on platforms like eBay or through local buy-and-sell electronics stores. This is a convenient way to recoup some of its original value. It’s a win-win situation where you contribute to the circular economy while upgrading your tech.

Gift It to someone special

Another heartwarming option is to share your love for fitness by gifting your Garmin to a family member or friend who wants to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Your old watch could be the perfect nudge they need to get started. Whether it’s introducing them to the world of fitness tracking or helping them upgrade from a basic model, your old Garmin can serve as a thoughtful and practical gift.

Keep It as a backup

Sometimes the best solution is to keep your older Garmin as a reliable backup. Even if it no longer becomes your daily driver, it can be invaluable if your main watch needs charging or maintenance. Garmin Connect allows you to sync multiple devices, making it easy to switch between watches as needed, whether for different activities or simply as a backup when charging your primary device.

Other considerations

  • Recycling programs: If your Garmin has seen better days and is no longer in functional condition, responsible recycling is the way to go. Garmin has a dedicated recycling program, and many electronics stores facilitate proper disposal to minimize environmental impact.
  • Creative repurposing: Think outside the box by using your old Garmin watch as a dedicated device for specific activities, such as swimming or hiking, where you might not want to risk your new watch.

Whether you choose to donate, sell, gift, or repurpose your old Garmin watch, you’re giving it a chance to continue its fitness journey. Plus, you’re making a conscious decision that benefits either a worthy cause, your wallet, or even your own training routine. No matter the path you choose, your old Garmin has earned a new lease on life.

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