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Apple Watch X: Your wrist could become your blood pressure monitor

The era of wrist-based blood pressure monitoring may soon be upon us. Reliable sources, including Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, point to Apple unveiling the Watch X this fall – and with it, a groundbreaking blood pressure tracking tool.

Imagine checking your blood pressure as easily as you check the time. This could soon become a reality. The 10th generation Apple Watch, set for a Q3 2024 release, is rumoured to introduce the groundbreaking health feature. This was revealed by mark Gurman, in Bloomberg’s latest newsletter. The device may also introduce sleep apnea detection.

Apple Watch 10th anniversary model – advanced health features

A recent patent discovery hints at how Apple could implement blood pressure monitoring. The patent describes a non-invasive device that can be attached to the bracelet of an Apple smartwatch or worn as a separate cuff. This device uses a series of non-inflatable sensor units to measure changes in a person’s blood pressure based on sound waves. These are then superimposed with the main pressure wave to obtain a final value.

This method is different from an older patent from Apple, which used an inflatable component. It is actually more akin to the pulse wave analysis used in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line.

Gurman says that rather than dishing out specific values, the blood pressure monitoring feature on Apple Watch 10 will look at trends and be able to let you know if you have elevated values. Which is still useful as a warning system.

Another possibility could stem from Apple’s collaboration with Rockley Photonics which is developing advanced spectrometer-on-a-chip technology. This partnership could be the key to not just unlocking features like blood pressure, but also glucose, hydration, and alcohol level monitoring in the coming years.

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Sleep apnea detection is not new in the wearable world, but Apple’s inclusion of this feature is important. With the likes of Withings already offering this feature, Apple’s entry is expected to bring its own unique approach. However, it’s worth noting that such features often require regulatory approvals, like FDA approval, before they can fully function.

Launch date, design tweaks

Apple Watch X is likely to be announced in September 2024, concurrently with the iPhone 16 series. As far as design, the new model is expected to be lighter and thinner, featuring a new magnetic mechanism for attaching straps. This design evolution goes hand in hand with its enhanced health-centric capabilities.

The inclusion of a blood pressure tracking system in future Apple Watches would be a significant step forward. Blood pressure is an important health indicator and regularly monitoring it can help individuals assess their risk of heart disease and stroke. Taking measurements is vital in the early detection, prevention, and treatment of such conditions.

With a blood pressure measurement system built into their smartwatch, users would have an easy way of tracking their blood pressure on a daily basis. This would be many times more convenient than an upper arm blood pressure cuff. This approach, if it really makes it into the Apple Watch, will attract users, especially considering that very few watches currently offer blood pressure tracking.

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  • According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has ended partnership with Rockley Photonics.


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