Amazfit GTS 4 update brings improvements, but no Zepp OS 3

Amazfit GTS 4 owners now have access to a crucial firmware update, version This software refresh delivers several refinements across features ranging from heart rate monitoring to music playback. While it doesn’t include the highly anticipated Zepp OS 3 upgrade, it offers a welcome boost in user experience.

Zepp OS 3: Still on the horizon. Or is it?

Unfortunately, the transition to Zepp OS 3, the latest version of Amazfit’s operating system, is still pending for the GTS 4. This is somewhat surprising since its sibling, the Amazfit GTR 4, embraced Zepp OS 3 earlier this year. Zepp OS 3 would bring a redesigned interface, new features, and potential performance improvements, so its absence is felt.

Notable changes in the firmware update

Despite the lack of Zepp OS 3, the firmware update packs in several welcome changes. Most significantly, a new heart rate algorithm aims to deliver more reliable readings during workouts. Needless to say, accurate heart rate monitoring is crucial for those tracking workout intensity and calculating calories burned.

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Additionally, the Cadence Assistant gains more flexibility. Users can now choose how the feature provides reminders during workouts – with vibrations, sounds, or a combination of both. This allows for customization based on individual preferences and the type of exercise being performed. This is accessible through the GO page > Assistant > Cadence Assistant > Prompt Mode.

Several bug fixes also make their way into this update:

  • Reliable features: Issues with heart rate readings in static situations, Wake on Wrist Raise, and Always On mode have been addressed. These features should now function as intended.
  • Smoother music experience: The update ensures that the entire music library is displayed correctly and that music playback issues, including occasional silence or unplayable files, no longer occur.
  • Improved altitude tracking: Hiking and other activities involving elevation changes should see more accurate altitude difference calculations.

Installing the update

Installing the update is a simple process:

  1. Update the Zepp App: Make sure you have the latest version of the Zepp App installed on your smartphone.
  2. Connect your watch: Open the Zepp App and establish a connection with your Amazfit GTS 4.
  3. Locate system update: Go to “Profile” > “Amazfit GTS 4” > “System Update.”
  4. Download and install: If the update is available, follow the prompts to download and install it on your watch.

While not as transformative as a full-fledged operating system update, this firmware refresh for the Amazfit GTS 4 delivers tangible improvements in core areas like health tracking and feature stability. Let’s hope that the wait for Zepp OS 3 on the GTS 4 won’t be too long.

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