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Garmin starts rolling out Q2 updates, including real-time lost phone finder

Garmin has kicked off its second-quarter updates for the Fenix 7 series and Venu 3 series of smartwatches. Amongst the more interesting features are Lost Phone Finder and enhanced InReach integration.

Never lose your phone on a workout

Let’s say you’re pedalling through your cycling route, and your phone accidentally slips from your pocket without you noticing. Thanks to Garmin’s update, this scenario is far less daunting. The new feature, reintroduced in this firmware update (version 17.1) after its initial 16.1 beta appearance (and subsequent removal), allows your watch to notify you in real time if your phone disconnects during a GPS-tracked activity.

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The instant alert system ensures that you can quickly backtrack and retrieve your phone, significantly reducing the risk of losing your device during such activities. This means no more panicked backtracking or retracing your steps to locate a lost phone. Not a groundbreaking feature, but useful nevertheless.

Streamlined backcountry communication

Those who rely on Garmin’s InReach satellite communication devices will appreciate the new Messenger app integration. While direct communication between a Garmin watch and InReach device has always been possible, the Messenger app promises to improve the experience.

By using your smartphone as a relay, the app provides a more intuitive interface for sending and receiving messages between your watch and InReach. So some good news for backcountry explorers seeking easier ways to stay in touch or summon help in an emergency.

Indoor walking tracking comes to the Fenix line

The popular Fenix line is finally catching up with the ability to track indoor walking. This means a more complete picture of your daily activity levels. Notably, some older and more affordable watches, like the Vivoactive 4, have had this feature for a while, so it’s not really that new.

Change-log: Firmware 17.10, Venu 3 gets love too

Here’s the full change-log of firmware that goes under the number 17.10. It is for the Fenix 7 line, Epix 2, Enduro 2, Quatix 7 and Marq 2 watches.

  • Added ability to find a lost phone during an activity with GPS.
  • Added Applied Ballistics Wind Mode (Tactix only).
  • Added Indoor Walk activity.
  • Added Messenger App.
  • Added Recovery Advisor as an option in Morning Report and glances.
  • Added self evaluation to more activity types.
  • Fixed battery saver mode being allowed as a power mode name.Fixed incorrect DSW on watch face.
  • Fixed issue causing the cadence flashlight to enable incorrectly when in an activity resume later state.
  • Fixed issue with ski run count in the Last Sport glance.
  • Fixed issue with the altimeter glance when in large font mode.
  • Fixed issues with Morning Report workouts page.
  • Fixed issues with some watch face data fields.
  • Fixed potential issue causing the touchscreen to not fully function after a display wakeup.
  • Fixed potential issue with the weather map overlay.
  • Fixed potential shutdown in morning report.
  • Fixed potential shutdown in the body battery widget when viewing near midnight.
  • Fixed potential shutdown when loading activity history with auto lock enabled.
  • Improved access to additional characters on the touch keyboard by adding a press and hold option to some keys.
  • Improved find my phone alert prompt UI.
  • Renamed Climb sport to Mountaineering.

The stylish Venu 3 series of smartwatches isn’t left out either. But its changes are less significant. They include the, above described, lost phone feature, along with heart rate dynamic source switching. The latter selects the best heart rate data source (watch or chest HRM), potentially resulting in improved accuracy during running.

How to get the latest Garmin updates

Ready to experience all these new features? These are initial updates. Which means you will need to manually initiate to download and install process.

Simply navigate to the ‘Software Update’ section under ‘System’ in your watch’s menu and select ‘Check For Updates’. Ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi to download the update directly. Remember, these updates are only available to devices enrolled in the Public Beta program.

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