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How to revert your Garmin Connect Android app to an earlier version

Not a fan of the latest Garmin Connect app update? If you prefer the older interface, you can downgrade your Android app. Just remember, this is a temporary solution as Garmin may eventually make older versions incompatible. Also, note that you might lose some settings when reverting, so be prepared to adjust your app preferences afterward. This method only works for Android devices.


Last month, Garmin rolled out a significant update to its Connect app, revamping the user interface (UI) with a new look and feel. The update sparked mixed reactions. Some users felt the updated app boasts a cleaner, more modern design with a focus on visual appeal. Information is presented using cards, which they find easier to digest.

However, many others lament that the new design sacrifices information density for aesthetics. They find themselves having to scroll more to find the same data they easily accessed before. Additionally, the new UI has been criticized for being less customizable than the previous version. Users can no longer personalize their dashboards with specific metrics or activities.

You can check out some of the user comments in the earlier article we wrote on the Garmin Connect 5.0 app a few weeks ago.

Step-by-step guide to reverting Garmin Connect to an earlier version

If you have an Android phone and are not thrilled with the new design, there is a way to revert back. This guide was posted in one of the Garmin Forum threads. We don’t recommend that you do follow it – so proceed at your own risk.

With the health warning out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

  1. Uninstall Garmin Connect: Go to your phone and uninstall the current version of Garmin Connect. Don’t worry, your fitness data will still remain in the cloud.
  2. Download an older version of the app:
    • Go to a trusted site like APKMirror (link)
    • Search for “Garmin Connect” and download an older version (4.76 is known to have better music controls than 4.77 / 4.77.1). But any of these will suffice.
    • Install APK installer from the app store
    • Grant APK installer the necessary permissions
  3. Install the older APK:
    • You may need to grant your phone permission to install apps from unknown sources.
    • Find the downloaded Garmin Connect APK file (usually in your “Downloads” folder) and tap on it to start the installation.
    • Enjoy the good old interface.
  4. Disable Auto-Updates:
    • Open the Google Play Store.
    • Search for Garmin Connect.
    • Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
    • Uncheck the “Enable auto update” option.

After Installation:

  • Open the newly installed version of Garmin Connect and log in.
  • You may need to reconfigure some settings or reconnect your Garmin device.

Addressing potential issues

Most modern Android phones allow direct installation of APK files. However, if your phone model necessitates a separate installer app, choose a reliable option from the Play Store. Always prioritize security by downloading APKs only from trusted sources like APKMirror. This helps you avoid the risk of inadvertently installing malware on your device.

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It’s worth noting, this is only a temporary solution. Sooner or later you will need to update to the new app.

Let’s hope Garmin takes note of the feedback and continues to improve the overall user experience of their app while considering how to better integrate feedback from their dedicated user base!

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