How to install watchOS 11 Public Beta

The Apple WWDC 2024 conference has been announced for June 10th. Shortly after, a developer and then a public beta of watchOS 11 will be available. In this article we walk you through the steps to install the software.

At the time of writing this article, we don’t know yet what features watchOS 11 will bring. That will become clear on June 10th.

But the previous version represented a significant upgrade. Some, like Bloomberg’s Mark German, believe this will be a minor update. He thinks Apple will dedicate more time this year to upgrading its hardware.

Nevertheless, we are still expecting some new goodies. This may include a revamp of fitness and health metrics, more robust sleep tracking, new watch faces and more. Apple has also announced that RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging support will be available in 2024. This will make it easier to communicate between iPhone and Android phone users, for example. Also, we expect AI to permeate throughout the entire Apple ecosystem. The company has reportedly struck a deal with ChatGPT.

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The updated software will be available for users to test out before the offical launch in the Fall. As far as installation of the Beta version of Apple’s smartwatch operating system, this will be the same as in the previous years.

How to install watchOS 11 Public Beta

The installation of the watchOS 11 public beta will be as follows. Users must first upgrade their iPhone to the public beta version of iOS 18. This is a required step because the watchOS 11 works in tandem with the most recent iOS version.

In order to do this, you must sign up on Apple’s beta software website. Once registered and the new version of iOS 18 is installed, the watchOS 11 Public Beta option becomes available. It can be found under General > Software Update in the Watch app on the iPhone. Users can then select this option to download and install the beta version to their watch.

To access the watchOS 11 beta, you’ll need:

  • An Apple ID: Create one or use an existing one to sign in on the developer website or app. This is essential for downloading the beta profiles.
  • Optional: Apple Developer Program: You only need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program if you intend to submit apps to the App Store. If your focus is solely on testing the beta, you can bypass this step and avoid the enrollment fee.

If you’re a registered developer, you can access the watchOS 11 beta quickly by signing in to or using the Apple Developer app. This gives you a head start, as public betas typically come out a month later.

Devices that are expected to be compatible with watchOS 11 include: Apple Watch Series 5 (2019) – Apple Watch Series 6 (2020) – Apple Watch Series 7 (2021) – Apple Watch Series 8 (2022) – Apple Watch Series 9 (2023) – Apple Watch SE 1 (2020) – Apple Watch SE 2 (2022) – Apple Watch Ultra 1 (2022) – Apple Watch Ultra 2 (2023)

As a reminder, installing early software versions carries risks like bugs and other problems. Apple encourages users to report these issues to help refine the final product.

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