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Contour maps, night vision, & HRV coming to Amazfit Cheetah & T-Rex Ultra

Good news for fitness fanatics. The upcoming Zepp OS 3.5 update for Cheetah series and T-Rex Ultra and Falcon smartwatches, is set to feature contour line maps, night vision modes, enhanced navigation, readiness score, HRV monitoring, and more.

The newly revealed information highlights one of the standout features – the introduction of detailed contour line maps. This will provide hikers, trail runners, and other outdoor adventurers with a more comprehensive understanding of the terrain they are navigating. In addition, turn-by-turn reminders with haptic feedback will ensure users stay on course during their adventures.

Detailed contour line maps

For those who enjoy nighttime activities, Amazfit has also introduced screen color-changing options (green, orange, or red) to reduce glare and protect night vision. This is a welcome addition for anyone who spends time outdoors in low-light conditions. In fact the feature sounds very much like the Dark Mode Garmin has introduced recently on some of its watches.

Screen color-changing options

The Zepp OS 3.5 update will also enhance the health and fitness tracking capabilities of these smartwatches. Users can look forward to a Readiness metric, which will assess their body’s preparedness for exercise, as well as heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring and enhanced Zepp Coach recommendations. Cyclists will also benefit from a new speedometer feature for compatible devices.

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This update is not just about new features; it’s also about improving the overall user experience. With a refreshed user interface and design elements, Zepp OS 3.5 promises to be more intuitive and modern.

Finally, the above listed watches will also be compatible with the Zepp Flow 1.4 voice assistant. Users will have the ability to utilize voice commands for a variety of tasks, including replying to notifications and initiating Bluetooth calls (headphones required for Falcon and T-Rex Ultra).

While the company has not yet announced an official release date for Zepp OS 3.5, they have confirmed that it will be available for the Falcon, T-Rex Ultra, and Cheetah series smartwatches in the next few weeks. In fact, Zepp Health has already invited users to Beta test the software update. With its impressive range of new features and improvements, the new software is sure to be a hit with Amazfit users.

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