Voice, AI, & beyond: Unpacking the ZeppOS 4.0 update

Just as we anticipated, Zepp Health has officially unveiled ZeppOS 4.0. This new version adds some impressive AI features. Amazfit Active and Balance are the first timepieces compatible with the upgraded software.

Building on ZeppOS 3.5’s success

To fully appreciate the impact of ZeppOS 4.0, it’s worth looking back at its predecessor.

ZeppOS 3.5, which debuted with the Amazfit Balance, introduced Zepp Flow, an intelligent conversation engine that allowed users to interact with their smartwatches using voice commands. This version brought features like offline maps, image message syncing, and enhanced health tracking.

In recent months, Zepp Health has been steadily rolling out ZeppOS 3.5 to other models in its lineup. The Amazfit Active received the update in early May, while beta testing for the T-Rex Ultra and Falcon models hinted at upcoming upgrades. This consistent improvement set the stage for the much-anticipated 4.0 release.

What’s new in 4.0?

The newly announced ZeppOS 4.0 takes smartwatch capabilities to new heights by integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. This integration promises to enhance the functionality of Amazfit smartwatches – and bring them further into the AI era.

Key features of ZeppOS 4.0 include:

  1. Enhanced Zepp Flow: The upgraded Zepp Flow leverages GPT-4 technology for more intelligent natural language interactions. Users can now control their devices, reply to messages, and initiate Bluetooth calls using voice commands alone, without specific keywords or physical touch.
  2. Expanded language support: Zepp Flow can now respond verbally in English and German, with support for French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese coming in late July.
  3. Advanced bluetooth integration: Users can control a wider range of compatible devices, including Sonos speakers, Garmin cycling meters, and even GoPro and DJI action cameras.
  4. New mini apps: An expanded ecosystem of mini apps focuses on health and fitness, including sports positioning aids and specialized fitness tests. The new Workout Extension mini-app allows users to customize their watch interface during workouts.
  5. AI-driven wellness solutions: ZeppOS 4.0 deepens AI integration across the Zepp Health ecosystem, from AI-driven sleep guidance in Zepp Aura to real-time fitness coaching in Zepp Coach.

This update builds on recent enhancements which introduce two new workouts – Pickleball and Padel. Just in time for the Summer months. Plus there’s a new fishing mode.

Amazfit Balance pickeball

Zepp Coach has also been recently upgraded to let you choose your preferred training guidance mode: pace-oriented or heart zone-oriented. At the end of your workout you get a single-session training score, allowing you to see how well you followed the guidance. And there’s a new Vo2Max measurement for Trail Runners and support for Running Power Meters.

Finally, Balance has been upgraded to include a Night Shift mode. It lets you choose between Red, Orange or Green screen filter ensuring you get a better night of rest.

Amazfit Balance Night Shift
Amazfit Balance Night Shift

Availability and continuous development

ZeppOS 4.0 is now available for download on the Amazfit Balance and Amazfit Active. The company says support for the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, Falcon, and Cheetah series will be coming later in 2024.

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We have not really seen that many new Zepp Health devices this year. What has been impressive, though, is that the company is putting in a lot of work on improving the software of its existing watches. This was a point of contention in earlier years, too many new devices – too few software upgrades. These improvements come at no additional cost to consumers, with the Amazfit Active and Balance retaining their original price points of 129.99 and 249.90 euros, respectively.

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