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Leave the chest strap at home with Wahoo Tickr Fit

Wahoo’s Tickr Fit brings optical heart rate tracking to the forearm.

Rather cleverly, Wahoo decided to launch the new device just ahead of CES 2018, to avoid the news release getting lost in a plethora of announcements. But this is not the only heart rate monitor of its kind. It joins the Scosche Rhythm+ and Polar’s OH1 which can both be fitted on the upper or lower arm. These heart rate monitors are for those that like accuracy but dislike the chest strap.

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While we’ve seen proliferation of wrist based heart rate trackers, they still leave a bit to be desired when it comes to accuracy. This is particularly the case with high intensity activities. But lets face it, chest straps are not the easiest to put on and are not comfortable or convenient.

Image source: Wahoo

Similar to its two competitors, Wahoo’s middle of the road solution comes in a comfortable form factor. The elastic band can be slipped on either the inside or outside of the forearm, but unlike its competition not on the upper arm. Tickr Fit comes with two adjustable bands, the smaller measures 260 millimeters while the longer is 375 millimeters.

The heart rate monitor uses a trio of green LEDs around an optical sensor to ensure accuracy. It comes equipped both with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology to pair with fitness apps, smartphones, and GPS bike computers and watches. This allows you to see workout data in real-time, including info on heart rate and calorie burn.

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Coming in at only 19 grams, the lightweight device powers on with a single button on the side. The LED indicator lights provide confirmation that device is on, connected, and transmitting. Where Wahoo Tickr Fit stands a bit from the competition is in terms of battery life. The gadget includes a USB rechargeable battery with more than 30 hours of battery life. There is no internal memory though and its water-resistance rating is only IPX7, so don’t plan on going swimming with it.

Image source: Wahoo

The heart rate monitor can connect to Wahoo’s 7 Minute Workout, RunFit and Beachbody on Demand app. Or you can opt to link it up directly with your Apple Watch. There are also a plethora of compatible third party apps such as Strava, TrainerRoad, Nike+ Running, Runkeeper, and MapMyFitness.

Although nothing to get too excited about, this seems like a solid offering that comes in at a reasonable price. If you’re in search for an alternative for a chest strap it may be an option worth considering. Check it out on Amazon.

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