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Motus Smart, Sensoria powered intelligent diabetic footwear

Sensoria Health and Italian medical equipment manufacturer Optima have teamed up to create Motus Smart, the world’s first smart diabetic footwear. The product will be showcased at CES 2018, alongside Sensoria’s smart running shoes.

Image source: Optima

Perhaps best known for its intelligent fitness sock, Sensoria Health is a Redmond Based startup that has been around for some three years now. Its products are integrated with textile pressure sensors which provide users with real-time information such as cadence and foot landing technique.

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Sensoria is now looking to integrate this technology with Optima’s diabetics footwear. The intelligent shoe monitors patient’s rehabilitation compliance to the clinician’s prescribed mechanical offloading protocol. This helps to manage diabetic foot ulceration and prevents amputations from becoming medically necessary. Foot wounds occur in up to one third of people with the condition, and are considered to be the most dangerous and costly complications of diabetes.

“Unfortunately, we know that diabetic foot ulceration, if not clinically controlled and managed, can lead to infection, amputation, and in some cases, death of the patient,” says Dr. David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery at the University of Southern California.

“There is a huge need for new technology that addresses diabetic foot ulceration and provides interventions before amputation becomes medically necessary. There has never been a greater need for the merger of next-gen consumer electronics and medical devices. This is enormously exciting.”

Motus Smart shoes integrate Optima Molliter’s clinically validated offloading system, which reduces weight and pressure on a patient’s injured foot. There is also a text messaging system and web dashboard to facilitate medical intervention as needed.

“Offloading is essential to diabetic foot ulcer healing, according to podiatry consensus guidelines,” says Davide Vigano, Co-Founder and CEO of Sensoria Health.

“Motus Smart will significantly improve the lives of people that suffer from diabetic foot complications. With Sensoria’s technology, caregivers and clinicians will have access to multitudes of patient data, allowing them to track compliance and intervene before amputation becomes unavoidable.”

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