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The next generation PUSH Band 2.0 introduces new ways to train

PUSH has announced the second generation of its workout tracking fitness band. In addition to your body, the Band can now be attached to gym equipment, too.

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The company promotes its strength band as the first scientifically validated wearable to provide true objective insights about your performance in the weight room. The idea behind PUSH is to take the guesswork out of lifting. A form of auto-regulation to help you achieve your workout goals and reduce the risk of injury.

The next generation PUSH Band 2.0 introduces new ways to train
Image source: PUSH

The technology is not very intuitive at first, and there is a learning curve involved if you are not familiar with the concept of Velocity Based Training. We reviewed the first generation arm-band and found that with a bit of practice, it became simple to see how you are performing on the day. If the velocity for a particular set was high, increase the weight. A slowdown indicates that fatigue is setting in.

The next generation Push Band 2.0 introduces new ways to train
Image source: PUSH

PUSH Band 2.0 now introduces a new way to train. In addition to your body, you can also attach the wearable to the barbell for another workflow option. This allows users to jump onto the rack without having to take their Bands on and off. The strap has also been improved with anti-slip silicone lining, and Bluetooth connects instantly and its range has been improved up to 10 times.

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According to the company, the device is already in active use by many professional teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and AF. PUSH is water-resistant so you don’t need to wash it often. Just put it on and lift. The wearable churns out a plethora of very useful and accurate stats and does a great job at providing instant feedback. The device adds an extra, scientific dimension to your strength workouts and motivates you to constantly set new goals and improve your personal bests.

The PUSH Band 2.0 Starter Kit comes with a band, one bar mode sleeve and an arm strap. You can pick it up on the company’s website for $349.

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