Heart Up: track cardiovascular performance and prevent risks from your finger

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

Tech startup Heart Up have created a one-fingered glove that can help you understand your heart health and how to make it more efficient and resistant.

Quite literally, the device attaches to the tip of your finger. From there it uses sensors and machine learning to keep tabs on your vitals. You can track your workout, analyse performance, calories burnt and distance. Sync it to your iPhone or Android smartphone to use it as a GPS sport watch.

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But heart performance is where the device really comes into its own. After all, the glove is designed primarily to help identify cardiovascular abnormalities in athletes. This is particularly important for those competing in marathons and triathlons. And fatalities in such events happen more often than you think.

A recent study of more than 9 million triathlon participants over three decades found that deaths and cardiac arrests struck 1.74 out of every 100,000 competitors. While this may not seem like a lot, the risk is higher than the annual risk of death for a middle-aged adult in the general population.

Heart Up measures a plethora of stats to do with your cardiovascular health. This includes your real-time heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, Tachycardia/Bradycardia and sleep apnea. The company is also working on a cardiovascular index to help you understand the real status of your heart.

“We can claim 98% accuracy for heart rate and oxygenation saturation monitoring,” said Andrés Mejía of Heart Up.

The glove also sends alerts and notifications if any abnormalities are detected. Just customise the list of first responders (family, friends, doctor) in the smartphone app, and a notification will be sent to them along with your complete stats and GPS location when there is an emergency.

Heart Up can be used for any activity ranging from anaerobic and aerobic tracking for athletes, or for every day monitoring. Its flexible, durable, and remains breathable in all conditions. The glove is available for either the right or left hand and comes in a choice of sizes.

Price: $78 and up

Funding open:

$14,688 raised out of $58,360 goal
30 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2018

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