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CES 2019: Hawx Connected boot is a ski instructor and skiing tracker

Well known Austrian ski equipment maker Atomic has revealed its Hawx Connected boot at CES 2019. The footwear can capture data on biomechanics and skiing technique.

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CES 2019: Atomic high tech ski boot monitors your runs
Image source: Atomic

Developed together with experts from Salzburg University and Salzburg Research, Hawx Connected provides on-slope feedback through embedded force sensors inside the liner that interface via Bluetooth with the accompanying smartphone app.

The boot allows you to know precisely how to adjust your skiing technique for better performance. When you’re safely at the bottom of the hill, open up the app for insight into balance on the slope, pressure control, how well you used the edges of the skis when turning, turn count, average speed, top speed and more. The app also keeps tabs on the terrain itself letting you know details such as slope angle, distance and elevation.

In case you’re wondering how well you stack up against the best, the app will rank you against others. There are also various social sharing options for bragging rights.

This is only one of a number of devices making an appearance in Los Vegas that is using Suunto’s new Movesense platform. Others include: Konnect Speed – a speed reaction system; Morph Wear – a swimming analytics solution; W2ND – for real-time lactate threshold measurement; – which detects signs of health and mobility issues in the elderly; and Overskudd – for athletes performance analysis.

We’ll update this article when Atomic announces availability and price. In the meantime, head over to their website for more info.

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