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Huma-i: personal air quality monitor for measuring pollution on the go

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Much has been written on our site about the detrimental effect air pollution can have on your health. This is a particular public health concern in areas that are close to roadways. It’s sometimes said that roadways are the smokestacks of the 21st century. If you think staying indoors is the solution, think again. The air in your home can often be much worse than the air outside.

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Huma-i wants to be your personal air quality guardian. The pocket sized device measures fine and ultra fine particulate matter in the air (PM10, PM2.5), CO2 levels, and other gasses and volatile organic compounds. To provide you with a complete picture of your surroundings, it also dishes out temperature and humidity readings.

Best of all, all this is viewable on the device itself, so no need to fumble around with your smartphone. In addition to a status LED which lets you know at a glance the level of pollution around you, pressing the physical button will activate the display mode which spits out detailed measurements and an air quality graph.

Huma-i has been available in its home market of South Korea for the past month 6 months. Apparently it’s been flying off the shelves.

This version on Indiegogo is the beginning of the company’s international model that includes additional sensor readings. And it’s doing pretty well. With 26 days remaining, the campaign is well above its modest $5,000 goal. Delivery to backers is set for February 2019.

Price: $89 and up

Funding open:

$25,931 raised out of $5,000 goal
26 days left

Estimated delivery: February 2019

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