STATSports teams up with Socceroos on player performance technology

STATSports have announced a deal which will see their technology used by the Australian national soccer team, the Socceroos.

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GPS devices for player performance tracking have become an important part of professional football. The deal with the Socceroos follows similar STATSports linkups in 2018 with US Soccer, the Chinese Football Association and the Brazilian Football Confederation. Its Apex devices are also used by teams across the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, MLS, NFL, NBA, Rugby Union and International hockey.

STATSports teams up with Socceroos on player performance technology

Worn in a vest, the STATSports Apex system tracks each player’s performance and provides real-time feedback to coaching staff and players. This includes info on distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high-speed running, heart rate and more.

Such data can be utilized to make sure each player is in his or her peak condition on match-days. Even more importantly, the gizmo provides insights on player load and level of fatigue. Both of these are important indicators that can help when it comes to avoiding player injuries.

“Our partnership with STATSports is hugely exciting and will help mould a successful future for the Socceroos and Matildas,” A spokesperson for Football Federation Australia said.

“By switching to their APEX system, we make use of the most accurate GPS tracking technology available and will be able to hone our performance to achieve the best possible results. That STATSports are now on the ground in Australia is a big help and means we have the benefit of their excellent client support.”

The Northern Irish company which was founded in 2007 has recently made its technology available to the masses. The STATSports APEX Athlete Series retails for €279.99. It’s available for purchase worldwide at

“This latest deal with the Socceroos is a landmark for STATSports in Australia and rubber stamps the accuracy and quality of our technology,” Sean O’Connor, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at STATSports said.

“The Socceroos rely on their ability to track, monitor and analyse their players during matches and in training and our system will do just that, using the most accurate performance monitoring technology available”.

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