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Firstbeat launches sports sensor & app for real-time player monitoring

Firstbeat has launched, this week, a sports sensor and iPad app for team sports monitoring. The next generation solution utilizes Suunto Movesense technology to deliver a host of metrics.

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The wearable is designed to provide coaches with a means to access to their team’s real-time performance analytics. It comes in the form of a sensor that attaches around a players chest similar to a heart rate strap. The data can be collected from different locations, such a gym rehab and on-field practice. 

Firstbeat launches sports sensor & app for real-time monitoring experience
Image source: Firstbeat

The gizmo integrates Suunto Movesense sensors alongside Firstbeat’s Heart Rate Variability monitoring software. The wearable has on-board memory and an embedded processor removing the need for a receiver or laptop during sessions. Coaches and performance staff are able to access information from multiple players in real-time or post session via an iPad app. 

This includes key load and intensity data including real-time TRIMP/min for the first time. TRIMP stands for Training Impulse, a single digit calculation that takes into account the intensity and duration of exercise as a way to quantify stress placed on an athlete.

Firstbeat launches sports sensor & app for real-time monitoring experience
Image source: Firstbeat

“At Firstbeat, we work with over 1,000 elite teams and pride ourselves on providing physiological insights that give coaches, sports scientists and players the confidence to make the right decisions in pursuit of optimized performance and recovery,” said Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, Firstbeat Director of Sports Performance Products.

“This new solution makes accessing these insights easier than ever before, whether on the move during practice or during post analysis.

Pre-orders for the Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app are open now. For more info head over to

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