PureWave Gen II review: treat yourself to a head to toe massage at home

It can cradle an achy shoulder, stimulate an acupressure point, untangle a muscle knot. Meet the newly redesigned PureWave Gen II, a handheld massage device that aims to empower healing and the healthy habit of massage. Think relief from pain, relaxation, and better sleep.

Created by the California-based PADO, the patented dual-motor PureWave Gen II is a rechargeable and cordless wand, the latest in their line of professional-grade massage tools. Unlike jack-hammer style devices, the PureWave Gen II has both a vibration and percussion mode, making delicate tissue and trigger point work — as well as deep tissue and general massage – available within the comfort of your home.

The PureWave Gen II offers a wider range of vibration therapy than earlier PADO products via several innovations, including an extended ergonomic handle. It comes with seven tool tips and 12-speed calibrated control for each motor, which I set out to explore over a week of testing.

Set Up and Operation:

The PureWave Gen II arrives in a sleek, minimalist black package. Inside is a black storage case that holds the device, charging cable, and seven tool tips made of latex-free silicone and stainless steel. Also included is a welcome guide that outlines the therapy options and suggested uses for the swappable extensions.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

The handheld weighs 1.7 pounds, with approximate dimensions of 17.25”L x 2.75”W x 4”H.

PureWave recommends charging the device before first use by connecting the port on the underside of the device to a wall outlet with the charging cord. Since my unit arrived about 50% charged, and there is no app to download or necessary registration, within minutes of opening the package I was ready for the first massage.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

Getting started was simply a matter of selecting a tool tip and attaching it. The power button, placed in the middle of the device, provides total control of speed and pressure.

Press and hold turns on the percussion mode, which offers deep tissue relief through rapid pulsing that breaks down scar tissue and improves blood flow. Another press and hold switches the mode to vibration, which addresses more delicate areas such as temples and kneecaps with gentle stimulation and pinpointed pressure. Rotating the dial allows for quick adjustment of speed.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

Overall, the set up was easy and pleasing, and the device feels high-quality and sturdy.

PureWave Gen II, unlike many other massagers on the market, has US and European Safety Certifications. It comes with a generous two-year warranty, “pretty much anything short of smashing our product,” according to the PADO website, and a 90-day money back massage trial. Customers are encouraged to take the unit to their Physician or Physical Therapist to test how well it works.

On their website, PADO offers free 1-2 day shipping in the US. The device is currently not sold on Amazon. A discount of up to 30% is available to first responders such as medical personnel.

How Well Does It Work?

I put the unit through a week of experiments in a range of situations.

The initial test involved an achy right arm and shoulder with some numbness due to injury. That evening, I tried the round silicone Air Cushion Tip at the lowest speed around the shoulder and across the upper back, and then used the 3D Pivot Tip to cup and glide the unit along my arm and joints. Angling the handle to find pain points was easy, even in the back.

By the next morning, the arm felt better and the numbness was gone. Within 24 hours, the pain disappeared. The massage had been absolutely helpful.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

Over the following days, I also employed the device in Percussion Mode at higher speeds using both the Six Head Tip for deep tissue work and the Air Cushion tip for general massage. I did this in various positions – standing up, sitting, lying down. The overall result was greater relaxation and some of the best sleep in a while.

I was able to use the Point Tip another day to find acupressure points on hands and feet, which was an entirely different, intense, meditative experience.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

Vibration mode’s more subtle feel created other options. I liked how the Migraine Tip can be employed both for headaches and jaw pain, and for acute tendonitis. It felt good around achy ankles. The Scalp Tip produced a calming face massage and also was effective along the back of the neck.

PureWave Gen II held the charge for a long time, around 2 hours. Recharging took about an hour. On all speeds, the noise level was minimal, unobtrusive, making it possible to use the device at night without worrying about waking up other people in the household.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

Overall, I was very pleased. The process of customizing the massage felt intuitive and fun. PureWave Gen II worked quite well and I think it can address a wide range of needs – athletic performance, recovery from injury and general wellness.

The Bad

It’s possible that some people – though I think it would be a small minority – would find the handheld device too big or heavy. At 1.75 pounds and over 17 inches long, the PureWave Gen II is more substantial than the other PADO massagers. However, my 12 year old had no trouble operating it, and some of PureWave’s competitors weigh up to twice as much.

Retailing for $149.95, the PureWave Gen II is also costlier than some other massagers, but comes with dual-motor options, strong workmanship and warranty, and Safety Certifications. What’s more, in the high performance category of massagers – prices can be more than double what PureWave sells for. Plus, it puts the power of healing in your hands and could save you money on massages in the long run.

PureWave Gen II review: effective relief for stress & soreness in your home

The Neutral

If one were merely looking for, say, deep tissue massage, the PureWave Gen II’s dual percussion and vibration modes and seven tools might be overkill. But I feel this should not be deal-breaker. One never know what one’s needs will be in the future and we would rather have the dual motor and the massage tip options.


Massage has proven benefits for both physical and mental health. It can be an incredible avenue for healing, yet often there are cost and time constraints.

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PureWave Gen II is a keeper, a very pleasing solution that should appeal to a wide audience. For the price of one or two visits to a massage therapist, you can have head to toe relief while you customize your own massage experience. The device can help you relax, perform better, and get a good night’s sleep.

I think it’s an excellent investment and would also make a wonderful holiday or birthday gift!

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3 thoughts on “PureWave Gen II review: treat yourself to a head to toe massage at home

  • I can’t for the life of me can’t understand why there are no instructions with this expensive massager. Can’t turn it on. I’m seriously frustrated…
    I want a user manual. Did someone forget to put it in the package?, if so I want one. I can’t find much information on the Internet about this new product. Beyond frustrated….

    • Hi Suzanne,

      There is a “Quick Start Guide” included in the box with each Gen II massager. That should provide you with some great information on getting your unit charged and turned on.

      If you did not receive one, we are happy to send it to you at no charge, just contact us Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm @ 866-528-1010 or email us at support@padousa.com anytime.

      Best Regards,

      Ryan Freeth
      Customer Service Manager

      If you are looking for a little more information on how to use the massager, you can check this page out: https://www.padousa.com/namastay-at-home.

      We are always adding more GEN II content and you can stay up to date at: https://www.padousa.com/purewave-gen-ii-advanced-dual-mode-massager/

  • Hi, I order this from Facebook and this is not what I got. Is there some place to contact to figure this out ?


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