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Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now

Fitbit has introduced its App Store some three years ago. But in this short time the list of software that you can install on your wearable has grown enormously. This article is an overview of the best Fitbit smartwatch apps.

Fitbit App Store
How to download and install apps for your Fitbit
The best third-party Fitbit apps

  1. Strava
  2. Water Logged
  3. The New York Times
  4. Barcodes
  5. Starbucks Card
  6. Uber
  7. Air Quality
  8. Deezer
  9. Pandora
  10. Spotify

Fitbit App Store

The Fitbit App Store was introduced in early 2018. It is very similar to the system Apple uses for its smartwatch in that users need to sift through an “app gallery” in the accompanying smartphone app in order to install the software. The difference is that Fitbit uses a light touch when it comes to reviewing apps.

This has resulted in rapid growth in the number of third-party apps you can install on your Versa smartwatch, Sense and Ionic. The range is quite wide and includes categories to meet your health, fitness, timekeeping and everyday needs. Okay, the Fitbit App Store still has quite a bit of catching up to do with Apple, but the list of software you can install is now quite decent.

How to download and install apps for your Fitbit

On a Fitbit smartwatch, you can install up to 39 apps in total. This is together with the ones that come by default and include Alarms, Weather, and Exercise. Most people only have a handful on their device and are nowhere near that number. Just swipe from the home page of your watch left and right to see what is installed on your device.

As mentioned, apps can be installed by using the Fitbit App Gallery. Most of the ones that can be found there are free. However, a few require a one-off payment or a monthly subscription. Examples of the latter are music apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and Deezer.

The installation process is quite simple. Open the Fitbit smartphone app and click on the Today tab. You’ll see your profile image. Tap on that and then tap on your device image. Now go to Apps/All apps. Here, you will find a gallery of everything that can be downloaded. Find what takes your fancy and tap on it. Then tap Install.

Removing an app is quite similar. Just click Remove at the end of the above process instead of Install.

Upon installation, some apps might require permissions such as access to the internet or the ability to run in the background. If this is the case, you will be prompted after installation. Also, your smartphone may need to be connected to WiFi to install some apps.

The best third-party Fitbit apps

What follows is our overview of the best Fitbit smartwatch apps. We will refresh this article on a regular basis to keep it up to date.

These are in no particular order and only include independent or third party software Fitbit has a whole bunch of its own apps.

These are apps that can be installed on the Versa range, Sense and Ionic. You’ll notice that Charge 4 is not on this list. This is because it only comes with Fitbit branded apps – you can’t install third party software on the fitness device.


Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


What’s to say about Strava? The social network for athletes is used by more than 50 million people from some 200 countries. This includes around 1,100 professional athletes. The number of users in its register is currently growing at about one million each month.

Strava’s Fitbit app syncs your runs, rides and other exercise from your watch. You can also view activity details and history, along with Strava leaderboards and distance accomplishments right on your wrist.

If you haven’t tried Stava, try it now. You might just fall in love with it. There is a paid subscription, but you can get most of the functionality for free.

Fitbit App Gallery link

Water Logged

Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


We all know the importance of taking in enough liquid. But let’s face it – not many of us actually drink the required amount of water. The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says men should drink around 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids per day, women 11.5 cups. That is quite a lot!

To make the job easier you can try the Water Logged Fitbit app. In case you were wondering, it is the winner of Fitbit’s #Made4Fitbit App Challenge – 1st Place in the Health and Wellness category.

The app makes the job of logging water very easy. Simply tap on the buttons to add a glass, water bottle, or two water bottles to your daily tally. You can specify the units and amounts in the settings page. The app also shows your daily water intake and how much you need to drink.

There is an alternative which comes in the form of a smart water bottle. Fitbit has recently teamed up with Hidrate Spark on just such a product.

Fitbit App Gallery link

The New York Times

Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


Want to be kept informed on the go? The New York Times app might pique your interest. The daily newspaper has been around since 1851. It boasts subscriptions in digital and print form of some 4.7 million. This makes it the third largest newspaper in the US.

Now you can get the news at a glance, right on your watch. The app lets you explore latest headlines and scroll into story summaries.

Fitbit App Gallery link


Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


The clue is in the name. Barcodes is a handy little app that allows you to store up to 7 barcodes on your watch. You can then use them on the go as supermarket cards, gym cards or anything else really.

The only requirement is that there is a bar code – and the numbers and letters printed underneath. All of the customisation and settings of the barcodes are done via the phone app.

Fitbit App Gallery link

Starbucks Card

Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


This is another app based on barcodes. But it is solely dedicated to Starbucks coffee lovers. Install the app through the Gallery, click on the settings and add your 16-digit Starbucks Card number. Next time you visit the coffee shop wave your watch in front of the barcode reader to pay at participating stores.

Fitbit App Gallery link


Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


Many people have grown to love travelling by Uber. It now has an estimated 80 million users worldwide. The platform was originally meant as a share-riding service – for customers with empty seats going to the same destination. Now it has drivers which take you wherever you want.

The Fitbit Uber app lets you do all of this without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. You can find a ride, get ride estimates and view driver details. It will allow you to flag up a fast and reliable ride in no time.

Fitbit App Gallery link

Air Index

Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


This is another useful free app. It allows you to see air quality reports from 10,000 monitoring stations around the world.

Going for a stroll is often considered as a great way to exercise. But throw in air pollution and it might actually be doing you more harm than good!

The app has several screens. The main one shows you the calculated AQI (Air Quality Index) for major air pollutants. Tap on this and you’ll find the complete AQI list. You can even view historical data by scrolling down.

The app allows you to add up to 3 stations at one time. You can also customise a fetch schedule to your liking.

Fitbit App Gallery link


Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


There is no way to store music on Versa 3 or Sense, but there is a way around it. Deezer allows you to upload your MP3s to the platform so you then have access through the service.

The service allows unlimited music to millions of users around the world. There are some 44 million tracks allowing you to take music with you anywhere you go. It is also the only Fitbit compatible music streaming service with Flow – this analyses your favourites to spit out recommendations in one ever-changing stream.

Fitbit App Gallery link


Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


A popular music streaming service, Pandora is enjoyed by millions. Install this app and you’ll be able to listen to your top stations or choose from our curated workout stations. The music is synced directly to your smartwatch. To customise the stations, simply head over to the Media settings in the Fitbit smartphone app.

Pandora does require a subscription which currently starts at $9.99 per month. You’ll get an add free experience allowing you skips, replays and offline features. It’s worth noting, Pandora for Fitbit is currently only available in the US.


Top 10 apps to try on your Fitbit smartwatch right now


The Spotify watch app allows you to control music playing in the Spotify app on your smartphone. So it doesn’t support offline music playback. In essence it’s a means of liking and choosing songs, playlists and podcasts on your paired phone or other device which is connected to the internet.

In addition to a smartphone running Spotify, you will also need a Premium Spotify subscription. The subscription currently runs $9.99 per month with discounts for family and student accounts. Luckily, you can try Spotify from free for a month to see if it is for you.

Fitbit App Gallery link

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