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How to cancel a Fitbit Premium free trial subscription

You subscribed to a Fitbit Premium free trial offer only to find out it really isn’t for you. How do you cancel so you don’t get charged? How do you cancel your recurring (monthly or yearly) Fitbit Premium subscription for good? Read on to find out.

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Fitbit Premium – what is it?

If you have a Fitbit you would have heard of the Premium Subscription. In the past it may not have been something you would have considered. As of late, however, some useful health and fitness tracking features are sitting behind the paywall.

How to cancel a Fitbit Premium free trial subscription

This includes the full version of the Health Metrics Dashboard (which contains monthly and annual trends and deep insights), extra sleep tools, advanced insights and Wellness Report, workouts/challenges/adventures and more. For more on what is included click on this link.

The subscription runs at $9.99 each month. You can save a few bucks if you opt for the annual option – it costs $79.99 so that’s some $3 less per month.

The good news is that Fitbit allows you to have a free 3 month trial for new users. Try it and test it out to see if it has enough value to you. Just make sure you cancel before the trial is up and you won’t be charged.

But this is where some people are running into difficulties. There is some confusion as to how to cancel the Fitbit Premium subscription. The process can be a bit tricky.

Fitbit Premium – how to cancel it?

Ok, so you’ve tried Fitbit Premium and found the additional features are not worth paying out a monthly fee. Or perhaps you had an active (monthly or yearly) subscription and want to end it. Here’s how to do it the correct way.

It’s worth noting right at the start – the cancellation process depends on how you took out the subscription. Not entirely helpful and we’re sure Fitbit could have made this a whole lot easier.

Also worth noting, deleting your Fitbit account is not the way to go about cancelling your subscription. Fitbit says “We can’t guarantee that it will cancel the subscription upon deleting your Fitbit account because it was also linked to your method of payment”. So make sure you cancel the correct way, otherwise you might end up getting charged.

If you’ve subscribed through the Fitbit app

The default way to do this is via the Fitbit smartphone app. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open up the app and choose the Today tab. Tap on your profile picture.
  2. This will take you to a new screen where you’ll see the Account Settings option. Tap on this and choose Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Choose your Fitbit Premium subscription and opt for the option to Cancel Subscription.
  4. This will take you through the remaining steps to cancel.

Once you’ve ended your subscription, you’ll still have access to the premium features until the subscription expires at the end of your current monthly or yearly subscription term.

If you’ve subscribed through your phone’s app store

The subscription might not appear in the Fitbit app if you purchased it directly through your phone’s app store. You can try to get this to appear in the app by:

  1. Clicking on the Today tab and choosing your profile picture.
  2. Choosing the Restore purchases option.

If you’ve purchased the subscription from your phone’s app store you can also cancel it that way. For example, if you purchased it via the Apple Store – go to the store and under subscriptions, choose cancel Fitbit Premium. In this case you do not need to go through the Fitbit app.

The subscription might not be listed if you’ve purchased it in the Google Play Store using PayPal. In that case cancel the subscription from your PayPal account directly.

If you’ve subscribed through the website

If you purchased your subscription on the website, the company suggests you contact Customer Support directly. They will be able to cancel the subscription for you.

For a while this was the only way to cancel if you subscribed through the website. Not really acceptable. But now there is a way to do it yourself.

  1. Log into the website dashboard and choose the account icon and then My Subscriptions.
  2. Choose Cancel>Cancel Subscription>Close. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. If all has gone well your subscription status should read “Cancelled.”

The other option you can try is to restore the purchased subscription through the Fitbit smartphone app. And then cancel.

Still no luck?

Hopefully one of these solutions will have worked for you. If not, unfortunately you will have to use one of the options to contact Customer Support. Or you can use the direct link on their site (Support) and click on Live Chat. Just make sure to do this well in advance of your subscription renewal or expiration of your free trial offer.

We just wish Fitbit would do something to make this whole process easier! A forum can be found on the company’s website with some users venting their frustration at the complexity of the process.

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4 thoughts on “How to cancel a Fitbit Premium free trial subscription

  • I currently have the Fitbit Health and Fitness premium free trial subscription running on my watch. This ends on 5 December 2021. I don’t wish to continue with it but have great difficulty in trying to cancel the free subscription. Please can you assist me and cancel it for me as I’m not tech. savvy!!
    Many thanks in advance, Margaret Walne

  • Hi Margaret, I had difficulties cancelling the ‘premium free trial’. As we probably all experience, you end up paying one or two months until you figure out how to do it. I hope my way is not too late for you. Log into your ‘My Fitbit’ account via internet browser if you bought it via the FitBit online shop. Then go to the shop area, you will see there on the right-hand side a little man icon. Click on this icon and “ta-ta” you will find ‘My Subscriptions’.
    I hope this information will help also others.

  • Many thanks for this. My Premium trial did not show via the Fitbit App and I would have been unaware it was not cancelled. I have now used the route through the website and all is cancelled.

    • Glad it helped!


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