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How to install, change or uninstall a clock face on Fitbit Versa & Sense

The benefit of having a Fitbit is that you can do things to make it your own. It doesn’t stop just at changing bands. You can, for example, change the clock face on Versa, Sense and Ionic. Here are easy to understand instructions explaining how to do this.

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Why change the clock face on your Fitbit?

Readers of this blog know how life changing it is to strap a fitness tracker to your wrist. It is something that will help you live a better and healthier life.

You will find yourself interacting with the device on your wrist multiple times per day. This is why its important to install a clock face you actually enjoy looking at. The good news is that Fitbit has hundreds of watch faces available in its smartphone app. With such a wide choice, you are bound to find something that takes your fancy.

There are digital design choices, analog and many more. You can even install a Bitmoji clock face on some devices. The Bitmoji character on the screen changes through the day depending on what you are doing, the weather and how active you are.

The functionality is not just available for Fitbit smartwatches. You can install different clock faces on fitness trackers, too. Mind you they will not be as sophisticated but it’s good to have a choice.

How to change a clock face

To start off you’ll need to have the Fitbit smartphone app installed on your smartphone. Most people with have this already so you can probably skip this step.

The next action is to open up the smartphone app. Choose the Today tab in the bottom left-hand corner. Now tap on your profile image in the top left-hand corner. This takes you through to your account details.

The device on your wrist should be listed here. Tap on it and then choose Clock Faces>All Clocks.

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That screen shows you the choice of available watch faces for your particular Fitbit.  Some of these are free, others require a one-off payment to a developer. If a payment is required you’ll see a message in the app or it will be mentioned in the clock-face description.

Choose the Free Clocks’ category in the App Gallery if you don’t want to fork over cash. Feel free to explore.

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Now tap on the clock face that you’d like to install. Chose the Select option to download and install it on your Fitbit. For the change to take effect you’ll need to sync your Fitbit to the smartphone app.

Customization options

Some clock faces come with customization options. This includes different color themes and other settings. To access, choose the installed clock face in the smartphone app and select Settings. But be careful with these types of clock faces as they can be quite battery intensive. If you see your Fitbit struggling with battery life, choose a simpler clock face.

There are also a few clock faces that require user permissions. These can be tweaked by choosing See all details>Permissions in the clock face settings. Denying some permissions may render the watch face unuseable.

Special considerations for Ionic, Versa series and Sense

If you have a Fitbit Ionic, a Versa or Sense note that you can save up to five clock faces on the device itself. This is useful as it allows you to change between them on the go. No fiddling around with the smartphone app necessary.

If you have a total of five saved and want to add a new one, you’ll first need to delete one of the five. Alternatively you can install a sixth watch face as the default one. But it won’t be in the list of five saved on your device.

To access the saved watch faces, open the Clocks app on your Fitbit. You can cycle between them by swiping left and right.

The other place to see the list of your saved clock faces and switch between them is the Fitbit smartphone app. This can all be be found in the Clock Faces section.

Please note that to update the clock face on your device, you need to have up to 38 apps installed. Anything more and you won’t be able to.

How to uninstall a clock face from a Fitbit Versa, Sense, Ionic

Some clock faces might look good in the smartphone app but after installing them you might change your mind. It’s a bit like trying out new clothes!

Changing a clock face on Fitbit Versa, Sense and Ionic by choosing another face will not uninstall it. It will only change it. Remember, you can save up to 5 clock faces on the device itself.

Luckily, removing a clock face is easy. But as there is no remove option on the watch you have to go via the smartphone app.

  1. Find the clock face you want to un-install in the Fitbit app.
  2. You will see “Settings” and “See all details”.
  3. Scroll down until you see the button Remove Clock Face.
  4. Tap on this.
  5. This will delete it from your device on the next sync.

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