Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon’s smart air quality monitor has two things going for it

Amazon has announced it is opening pre-orders for its very own Smart Air Quality Monitor. The device has two things that distinguish it from the pack – it is inexpensive and it is built to seemly work with Alexa.

The retail tech giant is slowly expanding its range of Alexa connected devices. The latest one to join the fun is Amazon’s first indoor air quality monitor. This is all the more important with health challenges of the past two years and the increasing amount of time spent by people working from home.

Most of us don’t realise how much time we spend indoors. Official figures estimate this at around 90%. We read so much these days about outdoor pollution, but indoor pollution can be many times worse.

We’ve reviewed a number of air quality monitors over the years. These devices sit quietly at your bedside or in the living room and at a glance let you know when it is time to open the window and air out your surroundings. Such small tweaks in your daily life can help greatly with your long-term health.

This is exactly what Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor does. It reports on the level of indoor allergens and toxins, i.e. dust, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, in addition to temperature and humidity. This is pretty much on par with other such devices.

However, Amazon’s product is cheaper than most air quality monitors on the market – it retails for only around $70 (check current price on Amazon). Pre-orders are open now with shipping starting early next month.

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The device itself is fairly small measuring just 65 x 65 x 45 mm and weighing a mere 120 grams. There is no display so you’ll need to use the multicolor LED status indicator to understand the quality of air around you.

The other option is to use the Echo Family Devices or Alexa App. All of these connect to the air quality monitor. And that is an advantage over other such devices – the seamless integration with Alexa.

If the air quality is poor, you’ll immediately get an alert or hear an announcement on your Echo device. The app will also allow you to view a historical timeline of what you are breathing, including an easy to understand air quality score.

Amazon says the setup of its air quality monitor couldn’t be simpler. Simply plug it into a power outlet and follow the instructions in the Alexa app.

If you don’t have an air quality monitor we feel you are missing a trick. It’s a small investment and the inherent value of such a product is abundantly clear.

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