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Withings slaps a comprehensive Sleep Diary to its sleep tracking mats

To coincide with World Sleep Day (March 18, 2022), Withings has introduced yesterday a Sleep Diary feature for its Sleep Analyzer and Sleep Tracking Mat. This means you can now make a medically-informed decisions on your kip time by sharing an automatically generated sleep diary with your doctor. 

The feature has arrived via a software update to the smartphone app. You can access it by going into the iOS or Android Health Map app, tapping Profile>Health Report. This will generate a PDF which you can then share with your health care professional and others.

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Mind you, this doesn’t add any new sleep metrics. What it does is, it provides a comprehensive overview for a set period of your sleep data. By looking at the chart, you can spot trends and sleep abnormalities with just a glance. Here’s what it looks like (example provided is in French).

Withings Sleep Diary overview
Withings Sleep Diary

For now, the new functionality is only available for the Withings Sleep Analyzer and Sleep Tracking Mat. It seems, the company doesn’t currently have any plans to bring it to its smartwatch range.

The idea behind this type of report is to replace traditional sleep diaries which are often deployed by medical professionals in order to identify sleep abnormalities. The problem with such diaries is that they are difficult to keep accurate and it is tedious to have to fill them out day after day. Plus there’s the subjective aspect to manually keeping such records for prolonged periods.

Withings says the Sleep Diary functionality “combines the automatic collection of sleep data with behavioral analysis based on gold standard sleep disorder medical questionnaires, including the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and STOP-Bang Questionnaire.” The report provides all the relevant information needed for patients and their health professionals to make informed decisions.

We reviewed Sleep Analyzer a while ago and it has become our favourite sleep tracking gadget since then. Slip it under your matress, plug it into a USB for power – and it will sit there quietly monitoring your nightly sleep sessions and daily naps without you having to lift a finger. Nothing to wear, nothing to switch on or off – everything is automatic. The sleep tracking mat keeps tabs on a wealth of metrics including sleep disturbances, snoring and sleep cycle phases.

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