Pebble Android app update brings compatibility with new phones

A bit of unexpected news for Pebblers. Android app version 4.4.3 has just been released into the wild. It brings compatibility with new Pixel and 64-bit Android smartphones.

You might think Pebble watches are a thing of the past. In many respects they are. However, there’s a thriving community of loyal enthusiasts who still wear the ageing timepieces. Head over to Reddit and you’ll notice a Pebble watch sub that has nearly 40,000 members.

The e-paper timepiece was originally launched in 2013 and that was followed up with new editions in 2015. Users loved the lightweight feel, long battery life and simple to use operating system.

Fitbit took over the outfit a couple of years later. That acquisition spelled the end of Pebble in favour of Fitbit smartwatches.

Here’s a petition to Google to resurrect the Pebble watch

Which left in doubt the fate of existing Pebble watch owners. What ultimately sprung up was Rebble – an alternative to the PebbleOS. Its aim was to keep the hardware going indefinitely. Which is exactly what it has done.

But there were other inevitable changes. One of these was the removal of the Pebble iOS app from the Apple Store about a year ago. Those iOS users who had it on their phone at the time were good to go. As long as they didn’t uninstall it. So if you still have it, you may want to back up the app by using third-party software. This might be your only way to reinstall it if you need to do a system restore or migrate to a new phone.

Android app – gets support for new phones and software fixes

The Android app, however, is allive and well. In fact it has just received a refresh. Version 4.4.3 has just become available and you can download it from It is signed with official Pebble keys and comes with Google Fit integration. This version comes some four years after 4.4.2!

The change-log of the new software is as follows:

  • Added compatibility with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (and other forthcoming 64-bit only Android devices).
  • Improves the reliability of Caller ID on recent Android versions.

This also resolves some other issues. Such as a persistant notification which has annoyed users for a while now. It is gone. If you are still seeing it after the update, go to the notification settings for the app. Then disable and re-enable Pebble notifications. It should be fine after that.

It is great news that Google is continuing to support Pebblers. A bit unexpected, but great. The support is certainly a testament to Pebble’s legacy.

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