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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro Global is now available on Amazon in the US

The global edition of Mi Band 7 Pro is now available for purchase on Amazon in the US (check price). The wearable has been on sale in Europe and a few other countries since the beginning of this month.

This version of the activity and health band also goes under the name Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro. So a slight name variation as compared to the China variant which is only known as Mi Band 7 Pro.

Its $120 price tag in the US is actually quite high for a fitness tracker that is considered to be a low-cost wearable. No doubt, the company will offer some nice discounts on that price for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the Christmas shopping period.

For comparison purposes, the non-Pro edition sells for just over $50. Which means the Pro version is more than double that price. Why the big price difference we hear you ask?

Treading the fine line between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch

It’s fair to say the vanilla version of Mi Band 7 has not brought very much in terms of new features. This was reserved for the Pro variant of the same.

Mi Band 7 Pro packs the biggest AMOLED yet on a Xiaomi fitness band. With a 1.64 inch display, the device can easily be confused with a smartwatch. Time will tell if there is a market for a fitness band with such a large screen. Xiaomi is not the first company to tread these waters.

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The other important upgrade comes in the form of built-in GPS (along with GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS). So no need to have your smartphone around to secure a satellite signal when exercising outdoors.

This is a nice upgrade that many thought would be coming to the base version. That one still needs to tap into your smartphone’s GPS for that sort of thing. If you run or cycle outdoors often, built-in GPS will probably be important to you.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro
Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

Beyond that, the wearable also comes with a larger capacity battery. With regular use you can expect around 12 days. This falls to 6 days with heavy usage. Which is pretty impressive for something with such a sizeable display.

A few weeks ago, Mi Band 7 Pro received a software update that added Vo2Max, sleep breathing quality, support for interval training and a few other bits and pieces. No doubt, this was in preparation for the international launch.

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