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Garmin Instinct 2X leak: affordable pricing & exclusive features for EMS personnel

The price of the upcoming Garmin Instinct 2X has been revealed by a retailer. There also appear to be multiple iterations of an EMS version on the way.

We wrote a few days ago about Instinct 2X. It appears to be in the making as evidenced by a recent FCC filing. There is no confirmation from Garmin that this is, indeed, the case. But FCC documentation reveals a new Instinct watch and its 50+mm diameter dimensions suggest this will be an X variant.

The first unofficial confirmation of the Garmin instinct 2X

Today we spotted the first actual retailer listing for the timepiece. One could view it as confirmation, albeit an unofficial one, that there really will be an Instinct 2X. Unfortunately the page with the details was pulled but the info that remains shows that there will be a Solar version of the device in addition to the non-Solar.

Three separate versions of Instinct 2X Solar appeared on the website including Tactical Edition Black, Solar Moss and Solar Tactical Edition Coyote Tan. They have a UPC (universal product code) of 753759319434 and MPN (Manufacturer part number) of 010-02805-15.

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The watches cost $499.99, which is the same as the Solar edition of Instinct 2. This is not surprising given that there is no price difference between the Instinct 2S and the standard sized variant.

What’s more intriguing to us is that this is the first time the moniker Instinct 2X has appeared on a retailer’s website. No question, as the device’s release date approaches, more retailer leaks will emerge. Aside from the size, we don’t anticipate any significant differences in specifications when compared to the other variants.

Having said that it would be nice to see a flashlight, akin to what is available on the Fenix 7X. That certainly could be a possibility. To remind, the X version of Fenix 7 has the feature but the smaller sized editions do not.

There will also be an EMS version of Instinct 2

Another device spotted in the wild is the Garmin EMS Instinct 2. That one actually appeared briefly on the UK version of the company’s own website, as first reported by Advnture.

The letters in the name (which stand for Emergency Medical Services), suggest this will be a device intended specifically for emergency responders and medical employees such as paramedics and ambulance crews. Interestingly enough, the Garmin entry states that this will be a Series. So expect multiple iterations of the watch.

EMS Garmin Instinct 2

The description of the device confirms that this watch will have an LED flashlight. And that it will be based on the Garmin Instinct Tactical Edition for military personnel.

Again, the price stated does not appear to be any different from the price of other Instinct 2 versions. Garmin should be commended for keeping its watch costs reasonable over the last few years.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first Garmin watch designed with a specific career in mind. Pilot watches, for example, include features such as aviation maps, weather monitoring, and an integrated pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation levels at high altitudes. Tides, boat data tracking, and fishing activity tracking are all features of watches built with marine professionals in mind.

Currently, most EMS personnel wear an Apple Watch. However, given its poor battery life, an EMS variant of the Instinct 2 could be a tempting purchase. An Apple Watch has scarcely enough juice for a 24-hour shift. Furthermore, the Instinct 2 is a very durable gadget. This makes it ideal for medical and emergency workers who may be working in hazardous outdoor or emergency situations.

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