Real Wear OS 3 on a Mobvoi? A glimpse of hope from a Reddit thread

A video posted on Reddit has ignited an intense debate among TicWatch users, as it appears to depict a Mobvoi watch running Wear OS 3.5. Given that no Mobvoi watches have been officially announced to be compatible with Wear OS 3 or later, the video has understandably generated a mix of excitement and skepticism within the community.

The short clip has led some users to speculate that it could be showcasing a beta build, perhaps originating from a closed beta testing phase. If true, this development would be welcomed by Mobvoi watch users, signalling upcoming compatibility with the latest Wear OS. However, others have raised doubts about the video’s authenticity. They suggest that it could be showcasing a fake app designed to deceive or troll viewers.

Here’s the video in question. It shows the Google operating system running on TicWatch Pro 3 GPS.

It might be the case be that Mobvoi is waiting for the diagnostics of Wear OS 3 before releasing a bug-free final version. This would be a wise move considering the issues with Wear OS 2 and the company’s efforts on this front. The smartwatch maker did promise an upgrade to Wear OS 3. However, this has been repeatedly delayed causing frustration among customers.

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Some users have already switched to other smartwatches. They cite Mobvoi’s lack of transparency and mishandling of the situation as deal-breakers. Others are remaining loyal to the platform.

Wear OS 3 on Mobvoi watches coming in Q3 2023?

Rumors are swirling that Mobvoi watches may receive the Wear OS 3 upgrade in the latter part of this year, most likely in Q3. Potential candidates include the Mobvoi TicWatch 3 Pro, 3 Pro Ultra GPS, and TicWatch E3. These watches are considered strong contenders for the upgrade as they are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. However, no official announcement has been made by the company regarding the timeline for the update.

Wear OS 2 has faced challenges with certain apps, including Komoot, Strava, and Wikiloc. They dissapeared from the Play Store due to discontinued legacy support. Although these apps can still function if already installed, Google’s removal from the app store prevents reinstallation or installation after a hard reset. Unofficial workarounds exist, but they are far from ideal.

Despite the mixed reactions, this video has certainly sparked interest and hope among some TicWatch users. Whether it is legitimate and indicative of an upcoming update remains to be seen. But it has undoubtedly reignited the conversation around the future of Wear OS on Mobvoi’s devices.

It is worth noting that Wear OS 3 may appear on a Mobvoi watch well before Q3. Especially if the rumoured TicWatch Pro 5 comes to fruition. The anticipated device, which is expected to launch soon, could mark the arrival of a Wear OS watch with the Snapdragon W5+ chip. Leaked information suggests that Mobvoi has recently added basic support for the watch to their smartphone app.

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