Unzipping the potential of 3D body scanning with ZOZOFIT

ZOZOFIT is taking a big step towards making 3D body measurement technology available to all. Their ZOZOSUIT is an ingenious creation designed to give users a comprehensive understanding of their body’s progress, far beyond the numbers on a scale​.

Designed to look right out of a sci-fi film, the ZOZOSUIT is a two part garment that pairs with a smartphone app to create 3D body scans and measurements. This innovative technology allows users to capture their measurements from the comfort of their own home or gym, eliminating the need for awkward and time-consuming measurement sessions at the doctor’s office or fitness centre​.


Made of polyester and polyurethane, the suit is both comfortable and easy to maintain, with no electronic components inside to worry about. Users simply slip into it, set up their phone on the included pop-out phone stand, and follow the app’s instructions as it captures 3D measurements of various body parts. And worry not, the futuristic suit does not need to be worn during workouts – it’s designed for the scanning process alone.

The ZOZOFIT app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, enables users to track their progress over time. They can also share their scans with doctors, coaches, or trainers if they wish.

The unique selling point of ZOZOFIT lies in its ability to provide a 360° perspective of the body, emphasizing the changes in different body parts affected by various exercises and lifestyles. The app also measures body fat percentage, offering an all-encompassing view of one’s fitness progress​​.


Mixed reviews

We will be looking to review ZOZOSUIT in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. As with all products, a quick scan on social media reveals a mix of positive and negative experiences.

Some users have raised concerns over the accuracy of the 3D scans, stating that the generated images do not perfectly reflect their body shape. One user, who experimented by wearing a steel-boned corset under the suit, claimed the scans didn’t accurately represent the 3D shape created by the corset.

However, others have found it easy to use, comfortable, and appreciated the 3D model and the measurements the garment provides. They have been using the suit for a while and seem quite satisfied with the product. The measurements of various body parts, in particular, seem to be accurate. This indicates that the ZOZOFIT suit and app can indeed be a useful tool for tracking fitness progress for some users.

A budget option

What makes ZOZOSUIT particularly interesting is the price. At $98 on the company’s website, it will definitely not break the bank. Other 3D scanning options on the market are many times more expensive.

It is worth mentioning, there are various size options to choose from. So its not a one-size fits all affair. But the intelligent garment comes with a one-year warranty, and the company offers free exchanges within 30 days if the suit doesn’t fit right.

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