TAG Heuer: Reinventing Luxury with the Connected Bright Editions

TAG Heuer, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, has just released two new exclusive Connected watches. This includes the TAG Heuer Connected 45mm Bright Black Edition and the TAG Heuer Connected 42mm Golden Bright Edition. The clocks combine exquisite design, cutting-edge technology, engaging appeal, along with a very high price-tag.

The TAG Heuer Connected line has been around for a while now. The company unveiled the first watch in the series back in 2015. Since then, the brand has been producing smarter watches with each subsequent generation. These feature greater fitness tracking abilities, upgraded software, and more refined design.

Tag Heuer Connected Bright Editions: what you need to know

The TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition houses a 45mm diameter in a black DLC sandblasted grade 2 titanium casing. Rubber surrounds the steel crown, and gold lacquer finishing adorns the ceramic bezel, crown, and pusher. The core unit comes paired with a leather and black calfskin strap.

Tag Heuer Connected Bright Edition
Tag Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition

We get a smaller sized variant along with this. The TAG Heuer Connected Golden Bright Edition is the first time the firm has offered a complete gold PVD watch casing in the Connected line.

With its rose gold PVD steel case, crown, pushers, and caseback, this exquisite watch is all about rose gold detailing. The dual-coloured black leather strap bracelet that comes along with it oozes opulence. Unlike the Bright Black Edition, this iteration is intended to be unisex. To this end it packs a 42mm watch case to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes.

Tag Heuer Connected Bright Edition
Tag Heuer Connected Golden Bright Edition

Both watches include a premium dial with an integrated custom-built watch face and sports applications to help you stay on track. They run WatchOS and have a Calibre E4 movement. The new Connected Watches show the hours, minutes, and seconds. Along with this you get small chronograph images representing a different time zone, barometer, and time of day.

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Sensors and other technological tracking features on the latest models include the usual suspects. The list consists of a heart rate, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, barometer and microphone. All the info they gather can be viewed on the OLED screen.

Unfortunately, the battery life for the Bright Black and Golden Bright variants is only one day. So you will need to top them up often. Their charge duration comes in at about one hour and thirty minutes, and both watches are water resistant to 50 metres.

Tag Heuer Connected Bright Edition

Availability and price

TAG Heuer Connected 45mm Bright Black Edition and TAG Heuer Connected 42mm Golden Bright Edition are more than just smartwatches; they are a premium statement. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the timepieces have a hefty price tag. This comes in at $2,750 and $2,300, respectively.

TAG Heuer is making these watches available at its boutiques for individuals who understand the value of investing in high-quality, complex timepieces. They are a blend of luxury and technology, available to anyone willing to stretch their money in exchange for great quality and timeless style.

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