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Zepp Health’s June 21st reveal: The next leap in running tech

Zepp Health, the manufacturer of the Amazfit line, has shared a cryptic teaser for an official reveal set to take place on Wednesday, June 21st. The tech giant has left a tantalizing hint. It suggests that the event could see the unveiling of a groundbreaking new running technology.

“Attention runners! We’ve got a surprise coming for you that’ll revolutionise the way you run.” the company writes. “Lace up & join us for the big reveal on June 21st! Can you guess what it is?”

Amazfit launch

The announcement has sparked speculation amongst the Amazfit crowd. There is an outside chance that the upcoming news could relate to enhancements for existing devices. Possibly we could see new running metrics introduced via a firmware update. However, the general consensus seems to be that Zepp Health is gearing up to introduce new hardware.

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The running watch is likely to bring some innovative functionality. People have suggested new metrics and improvements in satellite communication abilities as possibilities, but Zepp Health has not confirmed anything yet. The teaser image released by the company leaves much to the imagination, with the shadow behind a runner insinuating some kind of pacing functionality – hardly what one might consider “revolutionary”.

Amazfit Cheetah official reveal on the 21st?

Leaked images of the upcoming Amazfit Cheetah watch line might give us a clue about what to expect. The range consists of a vanilla and Pro version. We expect both to feature a circular display with minimal bezels, which will enhance their sleek and modern aesthetic. The designs also include two physical buttons and a range of health monitoring and tracking features. However, the distinct features that set the Pro version apart remain a mystery at this stage.

A recent FCC filing by Zepp Health suggests the Cheetah range might represent a new direction for the company, a fresh stride towards enhanced sophistication in performance metrics and features. In the highly competitive sports watch market, the Cheetah series will need to distinguish itself, not just by surpassing its predecessors, but also by outpacing its competitors. One could even view this line as an evolution of the Amazfit Stratos watch. This is a premium device that received praise, when it was launched a few years ago, for its blend of style and functionality.

Not too long before we find out. Will the Amazfit Cheetah redefine running as we know it? Will it set a new pace in the industry, or will it merely keep stride with current offerings? Or will we get some other sort of announcement on the 21st?

So far in 2023, Zepp Health has mostly focused on introducing software updates such as AI integration. Having said that, we did get a few announcements on the hardware front.

A sleeker Amazfit GTR Mini smartwatch was introduced in March. That was followed by a Limited Edition of Amazfit GTR 4 in April and the early June unveiling of Amazfit Pop 3S in India. And let’s not forget the addition of the rugged T REX Ultra in March. It offers a slightly more premium build over its predecessor, the addition of offline maps, offline music storage, and diving themed apps.

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