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Lumen iOS update: Precise metabolic analysis at your fingertips

With its latest update to the iOS app, Lumen now offers a more detailed and insightful analysis of your metabolism.

For those unfamiliar, the gadget is a compact metabolic analyzer that fits comfortably in your pocket. First unveiled in 2018 through Indiegogo, it distinguishes itself from the masses by providing the kind of information was previously exclusive to costly procedures carried out in medical clinics and hospitals.

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Lumen’s capabilities enable users to understand their metabolic flexibility. You can also create custom nutrition plans based on the unique ways your body burns fats and carbs​.

New iOS update brings granular results

Lumen has rolled out a useful iOS update today that enhances the depth of insights available. Users are now able to see precise figures on fats and carbohydrates being metabolised by their bodies.

This is in contrast to the past, where the data was presented on a scale ranging from 1 to 5. So this update offers more granularity. On the former scale, 1 signified a predominantly fat-burning state, 3 indicated a combination of fats and carbs being utilised, while 5 represented a state where carbs were the principal energy source being burned. Now you get exact percentages.

The new granular results promise a deeper understanding of how your body responds to different activities. The info will also help with nutrition choices, and lifestyle factors. This heightened accuracy is particularly vital for individuals striving to shed or stabilize weight, develop muscle, bolster endurance, or fine-tune athletic prowess.

In addition to the detailed metabolic analysis, the update also brings new healthy combo meal suggestions. Lumen says, these are designed to align with your personalised macronutrient plan. The recommendations are easy to log in the app, and Lumen even offers guidance on the best times to eat your carbs​.

A unique motivational tool

Despite its advanced features, Lumen maintains a user-friendly design that feels premium and is easy to carry around. The device is equipped with a CO2 sensor and a flow meter, which measure the CO2 concentration in your breath to determine the fuel your body is using for energy. This analysis is done within just 10 seconds, making Lumen a convenient tool for on-the-go metabolic tracking​.

However, as noted in our hands-on review, using Lumen requires a level of commitment. While the device provides a wealth of data and the potential to see diet and nutrition results quickly, its efficiency depends on the user’s dedication to consistent usage and adherence to the recommendations provided by the app​.

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