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Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 update: Enhancing performance & user experience

Mobvoi, the company behind the TicWatch Pro 5, is rolling out a new software update, RMDB.230615.003, that promises to enhance the user experience and fix several bugs that have been plaguing the device ever since its launch.

We recently reviewed the device and found it to be one of the best wearOS 3 watches out there. It bosts a robust design, advanced health and fitness tracking, and integrates the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chipset and the latest version of Google’s operating system.

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The device also impresses with its substantial battery life and efficient charging process. However, it’s not without shortcomings. This firmware update addresses some of these.

A plethora of updates and bug fixes

Firstly, firmware that goes under the moniker RMDB.230615.003 ensures that the security patch is up-to-date by upgrading it. This is a crucial step in maintaining the safety and integrity of the device, protecting users from potential threats.

The update also enhances the vibration intensity of notifications, making them more noticeable. Additionally, the refreshed software allows alarms to function even when the device is locked, particularly after exiting Essential mode. This ensures that users won’t miss their alarms due to the device being locked.

Another enhancement is the improved responsiveness of the OLED screen. The ‘Tilt to wake up’ feature has been sped up, allowing users to quickly access their screens. The overall stability of the system has also been enhanced to minimize any potential issues or glitches.

The software update also addresses several bugs. These include resolving an issue where the audio might not be heard by the other party during calls on certain devices, fixing a bug that caused difficulties in customizing pictures while using the Image watchface, and addressing several issues that could lead to the TicHealth app crashing unexpectedly. The update also corrects a problem where the heart rate measurement occasionally displayed an incorrect off-wrist prompt.

In addition to the software update for the TicWatch Pro 5, the Mobvoi Health App has also received some love. This includes support for Google Health Connect and various bug fixes and user experience improvements.

But no Google Assistant support

However, it is worth noting that Google Assistant support has not been added, unlike the recent update for Fossil Gen 6 watches. This is on the wish-list of many TicWatch Pro 5 owners.

The absence of Google Assistant in many Wear OS 3 devices, except for the Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series (and now Fossil Gen 6 and Skagen), has been a point of contention for users. This versatile feature, which enables tasks such as setting reminders, texting, making calls, and managing smart home devices via voice commands, significantly enhances user convenience and smartwatch functionality.

Despite the lack of Google Assistant support, the TicWatch Pro 5 remains a strong contender in the smartwatch market. If you already own the timepiece, make sure to update to the latest version as it will improve your experience.

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