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Rest easy gamers, Pokemon Sleep is here

Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Sleep, a game that focuses on the seemingly uninteresting world of slumber. It is intended to transform nightime rest into entertainment, and promises to redefine evening routines while encouraging healthy habits.

Battling insomnia: Gaming meets healthy habits

Let’s face it: getting a decent night’s sleep may be difficult for many people, particularly in our always-connected environment. Pokemon Sleep is intended to address this issue head on by encouraging users to enjoy their bedtime routine. It promises to change the way we sleep in the same way that its predecessor, Pokemon GO, changed how we engaged with our surroundings and became more physically active.

Rewarding good sleep: A novel approach

Pokemon Sleep employs a system that monitors and incorporates the player’s sleep length and patterns. The objective is not just to make sleep more enjoyable, but also to promote healthier sleeping habits. The game rewards players for good sleeping patterns, offering a novel incentive to go to bed on time.

Select Button, a studio noted for their creative gaming mechanisms, collaborated on the game’s development. Niantic, the firm that created the groundbreaking Pokemon GO game, provides the technology that powers the sleep tracking functionality.

Pokémon Sleep takes players on a journey to an island where they study the sleep patterns of Pokémon. They are aided by Snorlax and Professor Neroli, who help them explore the mysteries of restful nights.

Pokemon Sleep

Players place their smartphones near their pillows before sleeping to record and analyze their sleep data. The quality and duration of their sleep affect their score and the appearance of Pokémon around Snorlax. Players can discover rare sleep styles of Pokémon and collect them in their “sleep style dex.”

The Pokémon GO Plus + device, which connects to the game, allows for easy sleep monitoring. It is set to launch globally in the summer of 2023, with the Pokémon GO Plus + release on July 14, 2023, complementing the game.

Bridging gaming and wellness: Pokemon’s history

Pokemon has a long history of integrating gaming with wellness. Most of us have heard of Pokemon GO. Released in 2016, the game encuraged individuals to get moving, explore their surroundings, and engage with one another in novel ways. Pokemon GO featured physical activity-rewarding gameplay, requiring players to walk to hunt Pokemon and hatch eggs.

The game swiftly became a global phenomenon. Players were spotted strolling, biking, and sometimes sprinting throughout the world to catch their favourite Pokemon.

What followed was Pokemon Smile, a game developed to make brushing teeth pleasurable for kids. It demonstrated the startup’s continued dedication to health.

The future of gaming and health

The next step on this journey is Pokemon Sleep. The startup intends to capitalise on the momentum generated by Pokemon GO and Pokemon Smile by utilising gamification to incentivise proper sleep. It’s a bold and daring play that might revolutionise the game, both literally and metaphorically.

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Pokemon Sleep is a welcome innovation in the face of an increasingly sleep-deprived society. By gamifying the act of nightly rest, we may not only improve the quality of our sleep but also make it a healthier, more enjoyable experience. It will be interesting to see whether this late-night innovation can match the popularity and impact of Pokemon GO

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