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Xiaomi Mi Band 8: What’s new in firmware update 1.3.176?

The latest firmware update for Xiaomi Mi Band 8, version 1.3.176, brings a bunch of new features and improvements to the popular activity tracker. Albeit, this is just for the Chinese edition.

Since its launch in April 2023, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has seen significant success in its local market, selling several millions of units due to its high-quality features and affordable price. However, the global edition, typically released three months after the Chinese version, is yet to hit the international market. This delay, possibly due to Xiaomi prioritising domestic demand, has left potential buyers in anticipation.

Which means we are currently waiting for the global release of the fitness device. Hopefully, this should land in the weeks rather than months to come. In the meantime, Xiaomi has been rolling out software update for the Chinese edition.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8, firmware 1.3.176 – new features & improvements

The latest Mi Band 8 update doesn’t bring groundbreaking features. But it does introduce some new functionality and several improvements. One of these is a new Frisbee motion algorithm. Coupled with that, the update also brings a motion-sensing game with vibration feedback. This requires the app to be updated to the latest version.

Two new fun dials, Smash Peace and Fist Challenge, have been added. A vital value widget and a smart Do Not Disturb function have also been introduced. Those living in China will be happy to know that the update expands the bus card support city range to Lanzhou and Xizang.

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The app now displays a charging record. The update also adds NFC credit card feedback.

Finally, this firmware refresh optimises iOS mobile connection stability and callback experience. As always with these types of releases, it also fixes other known issues.

User responses and looking forward

The firmware update has elicited a variety of responses from users. Some are frustrated that their device still displays version 1.2.138 and indicates it’s up to date. This simply suggests that the update’s rollout is progressive and hasn’t reached all users yet. Which has led to speculation that the update might be originating from China, with a broader international release to follow.

The firmware update, while introducing several enhancements and new features, has left some Mi Band 8 owners desiring more. Some are expressing a desire for the app to support region changes beyond China, though this seems unlikely. Non-English speaking users, in particular, are keenly awaiting the global firmware, given the challenges they face using the band. Granted, they all do have the Chinese version of the fitness band so such issues are to be expected.

Given these factors, and despite the Chinese edition’s availability through various international outlets, it seems prudent to wait for the global edition. We delve into the various reasons for this recommendation in a separate article.

In the meantime, we continue to monitor the rollout of the firmware updates for the fitness band. Of course, we’re also keenly observing for any signs indicating the launch of the global edition.

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