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Polar Vantage V3: The anticipation builds

Initial details about the Polar Vantage V3 are beginning to emerge. Although the company has yet to make an official statement, a product listing has been discovered on a Brunei-based retail website.

The price tag according to the website is set at $829.00 BND, approximately 565 Euros. Available color options include black/black, silver/blue, and silver/apricot. A leak that was spotted suggests a mid-October launch in Europe, but specifications remain elusive. The top feature on users’ wishlists? An AMOLED display.

Here is a screenshot of the listing.

Polar Vantage V3

A look back at the Vantage V2

Close to three years have elapsed since the release of the previous model in the series, the Vantage V2, which made its official debut in October 2020. This device marked a considerable improvement over its forerunner, which was introduced in September 2018. In the rapidly evolving field of wearable technology, a span of three years is quite long.

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The V2 offers a high-quality heart rate monitor with 10 LEDs for different skin penetration levels. It also features a barometer, GPS, along with a compass for comprehensive workout analysis. Recovery metrics such as Nightly Recharge and Training Load Pro are central to the device. New performance tests for runners and cyclists were introduced, along with music control and smart features such as weather updates and read-only smartphone notifications. All in all, it was a nice upgrade over the original.

What users want

There’s considerable speculation about the potential features of the new version. The V2’s strong performance in areas like heart rate monitoring, GPS, and recovery metrics has set the bar high, but currently, everything is still up in the air.

The inclusion of an AMOLED display is a top request, probably due to its vivid colors and superior readability. Yet, the lack of leaked specifications adds an element of uncertainty. As the anticipated launch date draws nearer, more information is bound to surface.

The Polar Elixir enigma and final thoughts

Adding another layer of intrigue is the Polar Elixir, a trademark registered with EUIPO and approved on August 21st. The filing mentions two NICE Classes: 09 for scientific and electric apparatus and instruments, and 10 for medical apparatus and instruments.

While some speculate it could be a new watch line, it could also be something entirely different. Given Polar’s history in fitness and medical technology, the possibilities are vast.

The Vantage V3 is a much anticipated addition to the company’s lineup, particularly if it incorporates the sought-after AMOLED display. Regarding Polar Elixir, it might serve as an extension to the Vantage series or exist as a distinct product line.

Polar has maintained a low profile throughout this year in terms of releasing new hardware. Yet, indications suggest that this period of relative quietude is likely to shift in the upcoming months. The company seems to be gearing up for new launches, potentially breaking its silence with noteworthy additions to its product lineup.

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