CMF by Nothing Watch Pro will cost $55, launch on September 26th

The tech firm Nothing is gearing up to unveil its subsidiary, ‘CMF by Nothing,’ on September 26 at 2:30 PM IST. While the parent company had previously hinted at expanding its product line to include wearables, it has now made official the launch date. Expected is Watch Pro, a budget friendly $55 timepiece, crafted to appeal to design enthusiasts and fans of the brand.

The company has been making waves with its innovative, second-generation, see-through, light-up smartphone. But this will be a shift in direction. The mission of the new sub-brand is to make better design more accessible and affordable, thus attracting a wider consumer base. This move is seen as a strategic step towards expanding their market reach and influence.

The vision behind CMF by Nothing

The name CMF is a nod to the industrial design process, standing for Color, Materials, Finish. It’s about how a product feels and looks in users’ hands.

The logo is a clever play on typography. It appears to be “cmt” at first glance, but it’s actually a lowercase ‘f’ without the top gap.

This subtle design choice reflects the brand’s focus on minimalism and simplicity. The main brand, Nothing, will continue to offer design innovation, while CMF is set to provide clean design, focusing on the aesthetics and user experience.

CMF by nothing

The first products: earbuds and a smartwatch

Later this year, CMF by Nothing will launch its first products: earbuds and a smartwatch. Some of the details about these products are still under wraps, but the company promises more information in the coming months.

However, marketing banners of upcoming CMF by Nothing products have been leaked. Expectations are that the three devices will get an official reveal in on September 26th.

Watch Pro is expected to pack a 1.96 inch AMOLED display (AOD support) and an Aluminium alloy watch case. The screen will have 600 nits peak brightness, 50 Hz refresh rate and you’ll be able to pretty it up with 110 watch faces.

The IP68 rated device has a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, sleep tracking, stress monitor, 110 sports modes and more. Interestingly you also get built-in GPS, which is impressive at this price point.

The device will come with support for Bluetooth v5.3 calling with AI Noise Reduction. Battery life is around 13 days with the AOD switched off. Which seems to point to a lightweight proprietary OS rather than wearOS. The former allows for a more streamlined and efficient user experience, focusing on the essentials and long battery life.

The TWS buds will have 46db ANC, Dynamic bass, 10mm.

A different approach to technology

The company’s CEO, Carl Pei, has stated that there isn’t much to get excited about in the value segment of consumer electronics. With CMF by Nothing, he aims to change this narrative.

The brand will not just focus on the latest technology but also on trusted quality. Existing tech components are more affordable and should have any early adopter issues resolved. This approach is expected to resonate with consumers who value reliability and performance over novelty.

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Watch Pro clearly focuses on design and affordability. It’s something that fans of the brand might appreciate. But probably nothing to get too excited about for the rest of us.

Community Engagement Initiative

To foster a sense of community and gain early feedback, Nothing has rolled out a Community Review Program. This initiative invites content creators and technology aficionados to get a first-hand experience of the new products. Participants are encouraged to produce content that encapsulates their reviews and insights, which will then be disseminated to a broader audience.

The curated content from this program will be featured on CMF’s official social media platforms. For those keen on joining the Community Review Program, the application form is accessible on the company’s official website. Additionally, CMF has launched its Instagram account as a hub for updates and announcements related to its upcoming product line.

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