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Watch Pro & Buds Pro: The stars of today’s CMF by Nothing launch

The tech firm Nothing has expanded its portfolio with the launch of its new sub-brand, CMF by Nothing, aiming to make high-end design more accessible. With the introduction of a smartwatch, earbuds, and a GaN charger, the brand aims to set a new standard for affordability without compromising on quality.

The strategic shift: CMF by Nothing

The tech firm Nothing has taken a calculated step by introducing its new sub-brand, CMF by Nothing. The parent company, known for its innovative second-generation, see-through, light-up smartphone, aims to make better design more accessible and affordable with this new venture. The mission aligns with the company’s broader strategy of expanding their market reach and influence.

In case you were wondering – CMF stands for Color, Materials, Finish, emphasizing the brand’s focus on aesthetics and user experience. The logo itself is a clever play on typography, reflecting the brand’s minimalist ethos. This design choice is a continuation of the parent company’s focus on design innovation, while CMF aims to provide a cleaner, more focused design.

The initial product lineup

Today, the sub-brand launched its first products, which include a smartwatch, earbuds, and a GaN charger. All three had leaked in the weeks prior to launch so there were few surprises on the day.

Watch Pro

The Watch Pro stands as the centerpiece of CMF by Nothing’s initial product lineup. Unlike the parent company’s offerings, the Watch Pro is a first in the smartwatch category for Nothing.

The $49 device brings a unique blend of design and functionality. It sports a 1.96-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels, offering vibrant visuals.

Inside is a multi-system GPS chip, allowing users the freedom to go for a run without the need for a smartphone. Health and fitness tracking smarts are comprehensive. They cover 110 sport modes, and the timepiece also supports Bluetooth calls with a built-in speaker and microphone. Its IP68 rating ensures durability, while the simple operating system contributes to an impressive battery life of up to 13 days. This makes the Watch Pro an interesting option for those who seek essential smartwatch features without the complexity or cost of more established brands.

CMF by Nothing Watch Pro

Buds Pro & one more thing

Next up are Buds Pro. Priced at $49, they are designed to offer quality audio features at an affordable price point. The buds come with 45dB hybrid active noise cancellation and clear call technology, backed by a powerful bass boost.

Each earbud houses a 55mAh battery, promising up to 11 hours of music playback with ANC turned off. You can fast-charge the charging case to get an additional five hours of playback in just 10 minutes.

The Nothing X app controls the Buds Pro. This offers a customizable equalizer and touch controls, making them a versatile choice for budget-conscious consumers.

CMF by Nothing Buds Pro

Finally we come to the least exciting of the trio – Power 65W GaN charger. Priced at $39, it features two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, supporting a wide range of charging protocols, making it a versatile charging solution for various devices.

CMF by Nothing charger

Community engagement

To foster community and gain early feedback, the company has rolled out a Community Review Program. This initiative invites technology aficionados to get a first-hand experience of the new products. The curated content from this program will be featured on CMF’s official social media platforms.


As can be seen, the products are competitively priced. The first sales will begin on September 30 at the Nothing Store Soho in London, with general online availability expected around the same time.

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The launch of CMF by Nothing marks a significant moment for the parent company. It’s a calculated risk aimed at expanding market reach through design-focused, affordable products. While the brand may not offer groundbreaking technology, it does provide a fresh perspective on what consumer electronics can be—affordable, reliable, and well-designed.

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