Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Global Edition – now available on Amazon

The global edition of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 has gone from press release to shopping cart. Yes, you can finally purchase it on Amazon.

Just 10 days ago, Xiaomi announced the international version alongside the Watch 2 Pro unveiling. The fitness band has been available in China for months but it is only now that users have the option of the global iteration. Which means the device that promises to keep tabs on your health and fitness is just a click away, as it has found its way to the official Xiaomi store on Amazon in the US (and a few other countries), along with the Xiaomi website.

For those looking to get their hands on this latest wearable, the price tag reads $62. Which is in line with the price of its predecessor. That’s not really surprising considering that the difference between the two is not that big.

Also worth noting is that Xiaomi has recently unveiled the Mi Band 8 Active, a budget-friendly edition of the original. This frugal sibling sells for just $25 on the company’s website, but there’s a catch: it’s only available in select countries. And its a stripped back version of its big brother.

A deeper dive into the features

Moving on to the heart of the matter, the Mi Smart Band 8 doesn’t hold back on features, despite its fairly modest price tag. Boasting a 1.62-inch AMOLED display, this fitness tracker offers a vibrant view for all your stat-tracking needs. But it’s not all about eye-candy. The screen is well-optimized for outdoor visibility, which means your data remains legible even under bright sunlight.

Also worth a mention is that you can wear the device in multiple different ways. You have a choice of straps, pendant accessories and even a shoe clip!

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Health tracking is, of course, a cornerstone feature of any respectable fitness band. The Mi Smart Band 8 packs a PPG heart rate sensor, along with 6-axis sensor: low power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, and SpO2 monitor. Unfortunately, like its predecessor, the device still lacks an altimeter. So it won’t count your floors climbed. If that’s what you are after, look elsewhere. Also it only has connected GPS, not built-in GPS.

For the fitness-conscious, the activity band supports an additional 30 sports modes, from cycling and swimming to yoga. This brings the total number of sports modes to 150. This level of granularity lets you tailor your tracking to the specific activity you’re engaged in.

Moreover, the fitness band is 5 ATM water-resistant and it can keep going for about two weeks between charges. As you’d expect, this halves in always on display mode.

No NFC or anything like that. This is reserved for the Chinese edition.

All things considered, the Mi Band 8 is a solid budget fitness tracker with incremental improvements over its predecessor. While it probably won’t blow you away, it’s a great option for those looking for a basic tracker with good battery life and a variety of features. Check it out on Amazon.

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  • Does it allow us to connect an external heart rate monitor? If no, what is the cheapest band with this functionality?


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