Tackling Google Pixel Watch’s random restarts: User-tested solutions

Some Pixel Watch users have been experiencing frustrating random restarts, particularly when tracking activities such as walking or workouts. Despite recent updates, the problem persists for a number of folks, leaving them scratching their heads for solutions. While experiences vary, with some reporting no issues at all, others find the restarts occurring multiple times daily.

Solutions to try

The go-to solution for fixing this problem seems to be turning off car crash detection. This is a feature Google has recently introduced on their flagship timepiece. However, it’s important to note that this also switches the feature off on your smartphone. So it is not ideal.

Google Pixel Watch Car Crash detection

To turn off car crash detection on the Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2:

  1. Open the Watch app on your phone
  2. Tap on “Watch preferences”
  3. Select “Safety & Emergency”
  4. Toggle off “Car crash detection”

Other potential fixes users have reported include:

  • Turning off GPS tracking in the Fitbit app
  • Performing regular watch restarts
  • Removing and re-pairing the watch with your phone
  • Uninstalling third-party watch face apps like Facer

Some users speculate that the issue may be related to memory management or conflicts between certain features running simultaneously. Google support representatives have suggested performing a full reset of the watch as a troubleshooting step, but this appears to be a last resort for most users.

New Pixel Watch is in the works

Hopefully one of these solutions will fix your problem. Let’s hope Google issues a firmware update soon that directly deals with the issue.

I recently had the opportunity to review the Pixel Watch 2. In summary: It’s a stylish, health-focused device with deep Google integration. New features like skin temperature monitoring and stress tracking impress. While battery life and size options remain limited, it effectively blends style, utility, and wellness tracking for Android users.

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Leaks suggest a Pixel Watch 3 is in development, with purported upgrades to processing power and battery life. Notably, multiple size options will also be introduced, addressing one of our critiques of previous models. Alleged images of the device have surfaced. However, as with all pre-release information, these details should be viewed cautiously until officially confirmed by Google.

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