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Samsung tackles battery issues with latest Galaxy Watch update

Samsung has started rolling out a firmware update for both the regular and LTE variants of its Galaxy Watch. The new software brings stability improvements, prolongs battery life, improves heart rate sensor reliability and more.

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This brings the Galaxy Watch operating system up to Tizen The other day the company upgraded its Gear S3 and Gear Sport line to version

Samsung attempts to fix battery issues with latest update for Galaxy WatchA number of Samsung Galaxy Watch users have voiced complaints on battery charging and overheating issues in recent months. They reported they are getting notifications on the watch saying that it is overheating. This predominantly occurs when using the charging pad.

This update is Samsung’s latest attempt at tackling this issue. In addition to battery life, the 62.75MB download for the Bluetooth variant improves the reliability of the heart rate sensor and comes with the usual squashing of bugs.

Not to be left behind, the LTE version is getting a smaller 14.33MB upgrade, which nevertheless is important. The software fixes an issue in which phone number information does not appear on redial. It also improves stability of eSIM activation and fixes the issue where the VoLTE icon disappears.

The update should download to your watch automatically if you have enabled this via the Galaxy Wearable app. A manual update can be triggered in About Watch under the Settings tab.

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6 thoughts on “Samsung tackles battery issues with latest Galaxy Watch update

  • I have a Samsung S9 plus, a Gear S and a gear sport. Ever since the update I can now no longer access nor does it recognize any of my contacts on the watches. Anybody else having this problem

  • I actually did the update last week and now the battery drains so fast it is crazy. I used to be able to go three days without recharging now it is every night this last week. Definitely not happy about this new problem.

    • Me too. I’m glad I found this comment because I haven’t been able to find anyone else with the same problem and I was beginning to think I was the only one.

  • After latest update every morning galaxy watch battery drains to 7 percent . Fix it Samsung

  • I live in Australia and having the same issue with rapid draining of the battery. I had about 30% left on my watch yesterday towards the end of the day. Currently have to charge every day. The only 3rd party app I have installed is a watch face which never caused any issues with draining the battery previously. Now the watch face and Samsung Health seem to use a lot of power. Have taken it back to the Samsung shop a number of times, they did a factory reset and hard reset but still hasn’t resolved the issue. I suspect its a software issue since the last update. Current versions: Tizen version: Tizen Software version: R800XXU1BSA4

  • Ditto here as well, watch used to last 3 days but since the latest update watch barely last 10 hours. i use only the stock watch faces and removed samsung health as it was not counting steps.
    hope this gets fixed quickly.


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