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How to download pre-made workouts to your Garmin watch

All Garmin Connect users have access to pre-made workouts. Some of the most recent devices even allow for animated step-by-step instructions on the watch display.

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There are ready-made workouts for practically everything. The range is very wide and includes a variety of difficulty levels, muscle groups and durations. Garmin has made available around 60 workouts such as 30-Minute Blast, Maximise Your Upper Body, Get-Fit Real-Quick, Total Body Muscle and much more.

To access, click on the More tab in Garmin Connect and choose Training. Then tap on Workouts. You’ll be presented with the option to Find a Workout or Create a Workout of your own.

How to download pre-made workouts to your Garmin watch

Choose Find a Workout and you’ll see the full range of pre-made workouts. It’s akin to hiring a personal trainer.

Garmin is constantly adding to this list. Tap on any item on the list to see a summary of the key features and a detailed reps and sets breakdown. Scroll to the end and you’ll see a button that lets you save the workout to your smartphone.

How to download pre-made workouts to your Garmin watch

You’ll then need to go to the workouts list on your phone, open the workout and choose the Send to Device icon. This will download the workout to your watch. After the device on your wrist syncs open the Sports Apps list on it and select the workout (in the Strength activity) you just downloaded.

Then simply start the workout and it will guide you through all the steps. When you finish with an exercise press the lap button. To save the workout to Garmin Connect when you’ve finished, press “Stop”.

Your smartphone or web browser also allow you to see workout animations. Some watches, such as the Venu, Vívoactive 4 Series, Fenix 6 Series even allow you to follow the animations on the watch screen.

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