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Leaked renders show Fitbit Sense 2, Versa 4 & Inspire 3 in excellent detail

Leaked renders suggest we will be getting the Fitbit Versa 4, Sense 2 and Inspire 3 in the near future. Quite possibly before the end of this month.

Leaked renders of Fitbit Sense 2, Versa 4 and Inspire 3

The images come from @OnLeaks & 91mobiles. They are renders based on the real thing of Fitbit Sense 2, Versa 3 and Inspire 3 which showcase the three devices from multiple angles.

The first two on this list look very much like the predecessor generation. The one important difference is the physical button. Fitbit seems to have ditched the touch-sensitive surface on the capacitive button in favour of the more traditional thing. There’s also a slightly more stylish case design on-board and a new position for the microphones.

As before, Versa 4 will be the lower spec version of Sense 2. It will, for example, lack the ECG sensor of its big brother. Sense 2 still has this function, but the surface used for the ECG is now built around the bezel rather than in the frame.

Versa 4 comes with a matte finish and Graphite or Rose case options. Fitbit Sense will also be available in a few colour variants including Gold, Graphite and Platinum.

Inspire 3 has also leaked. The one obvious upgrade here is the inclusion of a colour display. So just like Charge 5 and Luxe, it gets an AMOLED screen. This will, no doubt, effect battery life but perhaps Fitbit has included a larger battery on-board. The tracker will be available in a choice between Yellow, Pink, and Black.

Fitbit Inspire 3
Fitbit Inspire 3

There codenames uncovered in app

This info comes on top of other evidence found in the Fitbit smartphone app a couple of months ago by 9to5Google. Two mystery devices were spotted in the code with monikers “Hera” and “Rhea”, both Star Wars references.

Companies often use codenames instead of the device’s real names when developing new products. Fitbit has a tradition of using space and sci-fi related names. The duo features display resolution of 336 x 336 pixels, the same that can be found in Fitbit’s current crop of smartwatches.

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But this is not where the info ends. Another Star Trek reference was spotted to a device codenamed “Nyota”. This one comes with a 124 × 208 pixel resolution display. This matches that of last year’s Fitbit Luxe. Or quite possibly the upcoming Inspire 3.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much where the info from the app ends. At this stage it is difficult to say with any confidence what specs these devices will come with. Particularly as there have been no other leaks.

The display on Sense and Versa 3 is already quite large at 1.58 inches, so an increase is unlikely. Especially as that would mean bumping up the physical size of the device. The bezel on the current generation is quite small so that would be the only way to increase the display. The app teardown seems to confirm that we will be get the same screen size and quality this year. No shame in that as the screen is quite good.

Support for manual upload of songs to the watches’ on-board memory would be nice, along with some additional health and fitness functionality. One could reasonably expect some Sense features to make their way over to Versa 4. Our hope is that Fitbit might do away with the paywall, but we are not too optimistic on that count.

No WearOS-based operating system

There was speculation Fitbit’s next smartwatches might transition from the current proprietary operating system to Wear OS 3.0. After all, the company has said it is working together with Google on a premium smartwatch.

But it looks like Fitbit Sense 2, Versa 4 and Inspire 3 won’t be running on that software as the information in the app reveals the new Fitbit devices connect and share data to your phone through a software “bridge”. WearOS devices have their own methods of communicating between the phone and smartwatch.

Possible release date

Versa 3 and Sense were released in late August 2020. It seemed very likely this side-by-side release pattern will continue in 2022. IFA returns to a physical format in September, and we expected that would be the launch platform for the trio. Very possibly the week before IFA – which is the last week in August.

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