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Huawei Watch 4 launching in May with industry-first features

Huawei is rumored to be working on a new smartwatch called the Huawei Watch 4. The device has already received a few regulatory approvals. Recent Weibo buzz suggests that the upcoming device will be revealed on May 17th, accompanied by an array of Huawei laptops and tablets.

This implies that Huawei’s Munich event on May 9th will not showcase the Watch 4 series, instead, saving its debut for the company’s China event on May 17th. The smartwatch is expected to be made available in at least two different versions. The range will have Zircon material around the dial and will be the first in the industry to include satellite communication capabilities.

In May 2021, the Chinese tech giant released the Huawei Watch 3 and a Pro version of the same. That means both devices are well due for an upgrade. Wearable companies tend to release new versions of their smartwatches every year or every other year. This is consistent with the fast-paced nature of the industry, which has been seeing rapid advancements and innovations.

The Watch 3 range has a fashionable design and was used to demonstrate the revamped HarmonyOS. The primary distinction between the two variants is to do with battery life and build quality.

In November 2021 we saw the release of the Huawei Watch GT3. That one has the majority of the features of the flagship device but is less expensive. The main thing lacking is a built-in GPS, in favour of Connected GPS. But this helps to keep the price down.

Two iterations of a Huawei watch spotted in a regulatory body filing

We first heard about the Huawei Watch 4 via a report from Huawei Ailesi. The company has reportedly certified two new watches under the codenames ARC (Arch) and MDS (Medusa) with an unnamed regulatory body. These are thought to be the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Pro models.

While details are scarce, Watch 4 is expected to introduce some new features to the Huawei stable. Upgraded health technology, such as ECG, which has been approved by European health regulators, could make a showing.

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It is worth noting that the rumored Huawei Watch 4 appears unrelated to the report of a mystery smartwatch codenamed AOD-H1. That moniker differs from Huawei’s previous naming conventions, which used the moniker B19. This could indicate that Huawei is also preparing to launch an entirely new line of smartwatches. This seems more likely than a new addition to the company’s current lineup. What exactly will arrive remains to be seen.

Zircon Material and Satellite Communication

In terms of Watch 4, we have yet to learn exactly what new features it will bring. Huawei is known for pushing the envelope in terms of innovative features. Some of its timepieces, for example, have detachable dials. And then there is Huawei Watch Buds, a timepiece with a built-in case that houses two wireless earbuds.

The info that is currently available suggests the Pro version of the new device will use Zircon material around the dial. This one-of-a-kind material is known for its resistance and durability and is four times harder than steel, ensuring that the watch’s design aesthetics last for an extended period of time without fading. However, it is expected that this premium material will increase the price of the timepiece.

In addition to its distinct design, the Huawei Watch 4 will pioneer satellite communication capabilities, enabling users to send SMS messages without the need for a mobile network. This will be a significant advancement, as the Huawei Watch 4 will be the industry’s first smartwatch to include this feature.

Beyond that we have learned from Bluetooth SIG that the device will be using Bluetooth 5.2 for connectivity.

Huawei Watch 4

Stay tuned. The release date is fast approaching.

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