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Wear OS 3 update: Mobvoi addresses concerns & rumours

There have been rumours floating around about the highly anticipated Wear OS 3 upgrade for Mobvoi watches. This is expected to arrive in the latter part of this year, most likely in Q3. Strong contenders for this upgrade include the Mobvoi TicWatch 3 Pro, 3 Pro Ultra GPS, and TicWatch E3. All of these are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. The business hasn’t yet announced an official release date for the update, though.

A few weeks ago, a video that appeared to show a Mobvoi watch running Wear OS 3.5 surfaced. This has added fuel to the fire. The community has responded to this with a mixture of excitement and scepticism. To remind, no Mobvoi watches have been formally announced as being compatible with Wear OS 3 or later. Nevertheless, for some TicWatch users, the video has rekindled hope and interest.

Mobvoi addresses concerns around the Wear OS 3 update

Mobvoi published a letter earlier today responding to users’ worries about the Wear OS 3 update, lending credence to the rumours. This is the business’s clearest statement on the subject to date.

In the letter, Mobvoi expresses regret for any inconvenience and annoyance that their TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, TicWatch Pro 3, and TicWatch E3 users may have encountered as a result of the lack of an upgrade. The business reiterates its dedication to delivering the update and expresses support for users’ enthusiasm for it.

The SDW4100 chipset and a unique dual system architecture from Mobvoi, which are both mentioned in the letter, are used by the TicWatch. This is pinpointed as an explanation for the delay. To ensure the highest level of software quality and user experience when updating to Wear OS 3, this unique setup necessitates additional architecture upgrades and performance debugging. The business assures customers that it is actively addressing the issue.

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The letter from Mobvoi continues by announcing that a lengthy closed beta testing phase will soon begin. Users who are interested in the Wear OS 3 update should check back for official company announcements.

Mobvoi wear os 3 letter

With improved features, app support, and overall performance, Wear OS 3 compatibility would undoubtedly represent a significant step forward for the business. Users can only hope that the rumours will soon come true and that their devices will get the eagerly anticipated update.

TicWatch 5 Pro – imminent release

What is certain is that the upcoming TicWatch 5 Pro will run on the latest version of Google’s operating system. It should see the light of day in the weeks ahead, perhaps as soon as the end of May.

Ticwatch 5 Pro will come with some notable improvements and new features compared to its predecessor. With a larger display, upgraded durability, a rotating crown and better waterproofing, the device will stand as a strong contender in the smartwatch market. Furthermore, the watch features a new chipset, enhanced fitness tracking capabilities, such as VO2Max and Recovery Time monitoring, along with the addition of a compass.

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