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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro firmware v.2.2.8: what’s new & improved

A new firmware update is now available for Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro. Version 2.2.8 grants users a bit more control over their device and squashes some bugs.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro hit the markets not too long ago. It distinguishes itself from the non-Pro variant with significant upgrades. These include a large 1.64 inch AMOLED display, built-in GPS, and a high-capacity battery promising up to 12 days of regular use. The device, priced at $120, blurs the line between fitness tracker and smartwatch, offering features like Vo2Max, sleep breathing quality, and interval training support introduced in a recent software update

That said, the elephant in the room remains the much-anticipated Xiaomi Smart Band 8. While the new model has been launched in a select few markets, the international tech community is still awaiting its global release.

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In the meantime, Xiaomi has been far from idle. The company has just rolled out a new firmware update (v.2.2.8) for the Smart Band 7 Pro, addressing several critical issues and adding some new functionalities. Let’s dive into the details of the update.

Decoding the latest firmware update

The most notable addition is the feature that allows users to disable watchface editing. Xiaomi has decided to grant users more control over their device, ensuring the user interface remains just as they like it. A small change, perhaps, but a significant one for those who prefer a consistent look and feel on their wrist. There was always a chance previously the watch face gets changed by accident.

On the technical side, the firmware update optimizes the weather cache logic. This enhancement will ensure users receive the most accurate and up-to-date weather information, a crucial feature for those who use their Smart Band to plan their daily outdoor activities.

The firmware update also takes a hard swing at some bugs that have been bugging users. The dreaded screen freezing issues that some users reported have been addressed. The result? A smoother and more responsive user experience that should keep your Smart Band humming along nicely. Additionally, the update improves overall system stability, further enhancing user experience.

A problem that prevented the bracelet from turning off the screen has also been fixed. This was a significant issue, as it could lead to rapid battery drain. With this fix, users can now ensure their device’s longevity and reliability throughout the day.

Finally, the update tackles other known bugs that were not specified, indicating Xiaomi’s holistic approach towards refining and improving their product.

Mi Band 7 Pro firmware update

Now, let’s talk about updating.

As can be seen from the image above, Xiaomi has provided clear instructions to ensure a successful update process. First, do not leave the update page on your smartphone app until the software download and installation is finished. Secondly, ensure your device remains connected to the app throughout the process. Lastly, updating may take a while, so don’t interrupt the process. Patience is key here.

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14 thoughts on “Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro firmware v.2.2.8: what’s new & improved

  • After update 2.2.8 my smartband 7 pro bugged. Wheater didn’t work with iphone

    • Con esta actualización del 2.8.2. Dejo de funcionar el clima, los eventos y se desconecta continuamente del control de audio. Esta actualización es una porquería deverian regresar a la anterior funcionaba al 100

  • Después de la actualización dejo de funcionar la función del clima de dice conecta con tu teléfono vía Bluetooth y la pulsera está conectada vía Bluetooth y tengo Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G

  • Same with mine.
    The weather broke.
    Weather shows a sun☀️ and 0°

  • Same problem with weather app.

  • How can solve the weather problem, and lost the function to unlock phone by Bluetooth

  • El mismo problema del clima.

    Después de la actualización dejo de funcionar la función del clima de dice conecta con tu teléfono vía Bluetooth y la pulsera está conectada vía Bluetooth

  • después de la actualización tengo en mismo problema con el del clima espero que Xiaomi pronto de solución

  • Update to firmware v.2.2.8 broke the weather.

  • Some urgent ux issues:

    1. The user can not block the screen and swipe top to unblock it. It is why they can have random button presses under water or in the shower
    2. Notifications must be scrolled up to be cleaned
    3. The user can not scroll the full text of a notification when it received to the locked screen. They have to open this notification from the menu first
    4. There is no way to disable “yellow notification” from the weather application. Notifications get spammed.

    And 1 feature request:
    1. Make right-left swipes cycled

  • Mismo problema con el clima. No se actualiza

  • Una vergüenza q siga sin funcionar el clima después de tanto tiempo…

  • Active el monitoreo de sueño avanzado, y luego lo desactivé, pero ahora la batería me dura 6 días y sin monitoreo continuo.
    La 2.2.8 una porquería. Como soluciono la duración de la batería?


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